Explore your truth in reaching full potential

What is it that you are really afraid of? Is it that you won’t be good enough or fast enough? Is it that you are limited in what you know or what you can do? Is it that your ideas are mediocre or even ludicrous? Is it that you believe it’s not in your blood because mama didn’t do it; daddy didn’t do it, not your uncles or aunts, not your grandma or grandpa and not even your ancestors? Is that it?

Is it that you have a complexion that is a rainbow of the races-not light enough? Or, one that is as dark as the minds that discriminate against you-too dark? Is it that you are Susan and share your life with Karen or Mike and share your life with Stephen? Is it that you won’t be considered because you have children or taken seriously because you are a woman? Is it that you are too young or too old?

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

These words authored by Marianne Williamson help illustrate my point that what holds us back is not those things that seemingly create parameters for us, but it is that we would have the audacity to transcend them.

Many times we end our path to accomplishing our goals before we really ever start to get on it. Have you ever talked yourself right out of something you wanted to do before you even started doing it? We become overwhelmed by the possibility of our failure. What we believe we are, what we look like, or what we know or don’t know cripples us. Who has already done it and who is thinking of doing it now besides us, blurs our own vision. The color of our skin, the way we love, and our ages quiets our voices.

Ironically, these are also reasons we are mobilized, inspired, and vocal. And, so, the possibility of our success, too, overwhelms us.

We have to make a conscious decision to move toward our goals in the face of fear period. Fear can stunt our growth because it prevents us from experimenting. Experimenting involves trial and error from which we learn and learning cultivates growth.

What is it that you are really afraid of? Explore your truth.

Later, down the road, it might be a tough thought to have when you ask yourself how is it that you didn’t become what you had the potential to become.

You need not to employ efforts to rid yourself of fear, instead, utilize it. Making use of what appears to be a limitation moves you toward your goals by creating steps that allow you to rise to the next level and then the next. Otherwise, you might keep tripping over limitations and allow them to become stumbling blocks.

Keep moving. Be encouraged.

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