Politicians beating sales tax drums

The politicians (who never have enough tax) are beating their drums for T-SPLOSH. T-SPLOSH is a 10-year guaranteed income for road contractors, their suppliers and their lobbyists, paid for by additional 1 percent sales tax.

T-SPLOSH expects to suck up $530,000,000 over this period from the people of this area. Officials claim more revenue is needed from sales tax because their revenue is declining due to people driving less.

If you are driving less due to the high price of gas, then what are you going to give up to pay the additional 1 percent sales tax over the next 10 years of your life? Sounds like Catch-22 to me.

The needless four-laning, curbs and sidewalks done to Gillionville Road is proof transportation heads have too much revenue already.




J.D._Sumner 1 year, 9 months ago

It's T-SPLOST.... The acronym stands for (T)ransportation (S)pecial (P)urpose (L)ocal (O)ption (S)ales (T)ax.

In fact, the bill is named the Transportation Investment Act and has been called both the T-Splost or the TIA.


KaosinAlbany 1 year, 9 months ago

TIA is a good acronym for this tax - Transient ischemic attack. Yep that is what people are going to have when they go to buy something if this tax is implemented. LOL


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