Make informed choice in race for coroner

Voters must become educated on candidates' qualifications. The office of coroner will be voted on during the July 31st primary. However, the reality is that many people do not know what a coroner does and may not realize why it is important to place the most qualified person in this position.

The coroner's office is responsible for examining deceased persons to determine the cause, method and manner of death in cases involving homicide, suicide, accidents, suspicious or unusual manner. It is surprising that the person determining the difference between suicide and homicide (which could influence people's insurance policies, court rulings, etc.) only has to have a one-week class to be considered "trained and ready."

The questions the public must ask are: Is a week-long class enough of a qualification for the person that will be determining if someone I love was murdered or if they committed suicide? Who do I believe is the best qualified person? Who will I vote for as coroner?

Michael Fowler Sr., one of the coroner candidates, has often said that he is the "most qualified person for this position." His qualifications include being a member of the National Disaster Medical System's Team. This team has to identify deceased people in the time of a major natural disaster (Hurricane Katrina), act of terrorism (9/11) or in any cases of mass death. He is a licensed embalmer and funeral director. Gov. Deal recently appointed him to the Georgia Funeral Service Board. He retired from the GBI as a death investigation specialist. These are only as few of his accomplishments. Impressive.

Now that you know what the new guy brings to the table and you know what your coroner is supposed to do, make an informed decision on July 31st.




waltspecht 3 years, 5 months ago

Comparing credentials, there really is only one choice. Plus there are folks that have questioned the curent Coroner's honesty on several occasions. I remember one Coroner in Charleston, SC. His only credentials were he was a former Corpsman in the Navy, and was discharged for cause if I remember correctly. When they finally got him, they had found him in posession of a desease's Bass Boat. Plus I believe he once made the statement that an individual died of a heart attack just prior to catching five 38's in the chest. The shooter just happened to own the pawn shop the Coroner used to dispose of a lot of items. Not saying this is happening here, especially to that extent. However, someone should have more credentials than the current individual to be a Coroner. Maybe the State needs to revisit this qualification, and for that matter the qualifications for Sheriff need to be revisited as many current Sheriffs and Canidates attest to. If you really listen to what they say you have got to wonder.


KaosinAlbany 3 years, 4 months ago

Michael Fowler would make an excellent coroner. He has my vote.


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