Irresponsible behavior costs everyone else

Page Two would like to introduce you to part of the world’s problem. I hold nothing but disdain for people who refuse to try and become an asset to society. Mind you, some people struggle, but as long as they try, you can’t ask for more. It’s those that don’t even make an effort that cause me to complain.

Please meet Mr. Desmond Hatchett, from Knoxville, Tenn. This is the type of person I’m talking about, which, apparently, is to populate the world. He is 33 years old and is the father, or has admitted to fathering, 30 children, with the oldest being 14. By now you should be seeing a problem. Let me help you here. This has been done by impregnating 11 different women, with as many as four being pregnant in the same year. Twice. He works a minimum wage job — I don’t know when, as it seems he’s pretty busy — and has asked the court to lower the amount he pays in child support, which in some cases is about $1.49 per month. He claims he is struggling to make ends meet. Obviously, he doesn’t have any problem making one end meet.

My real concern is that I will have to be contributing to the assistance of the children. I, too, am having trouble making ends meet with all the children I’m having to help support and I didn’t get to have any fun or help making them. Folks, we have a problem in this country. More later from Page Two.




waltspecht 3 years, 4 months ago

Problem? I'd say that was an understatement. The women involved are also contributing to the problem. Some apparently several times over. I know no one likes to hear this, but just what do we do to stop this sort of thing?Other than incarcerate them all to shut down this breeding farm.


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