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Patriot Act places personal info at risk

Donna Brazile

Donna Brazile

Before accusations and misinformation begin flooding the Internet, allow me to warn you. Be prepared to produce all required documentation to apply for or renew your driver’s license and subsequently your voting privileges.

Due to federal regulations, included under Homeland Security, aka, The Patriot Act, signed into law by our former leader in 2005, you are now required, by law, to produce the documentation listed in The Herald as of July 1, 2012.

Objected to by many states leaders initially as invasive and unconstitutional, implementation was delayed until new, agreeable governors were in place in 2010.

Google the Real I.D. Act of 2005.

Delayed until this election year, now guess who will take the blame! How very convenient.

If you think identity theft was a threat before, wait until all of this personal information you must now provide in order to drive and to vote is scanned into a database available to every DMV employee in the country and then explain to me how this makes us all safer!

This, dear reader, is Homeland Security and the power of the Republican Party.