Elect those who'll put Americans to work

I checked and found the following information on several different sites. I only use the numbers that appeared at more than one site. The average welfare recipient in Georgia receives the equivalent payment of someone making $17,400 a year or $8.47 an hour. That is based on the fact it isn't taxed. Each additional child is $80 per month. Hardly seems worth it to have a child for the increased money does it?

If all assistance were stopped tomorrow, where would these people find the means of survival? There aren't enough jobs out there right now for those that are looking for work, never mind the flood that would come out of the folks newly needing money to survive. So you see, these payments are a tariff to prevent the civil unrest that would be created if these people were suddenly thrown off the public dole.

So what is your answer to this problem? More jails and graveyards? That would probably cost more than what the programs currently cost and it might end up costing you your life. The answer is jobs.

Tell the Politicians, no more jobs sent overseas. No more government jobs that add a net cost. Bring back the manufacturing jobs, the menial jobs, the work that allows folks to buy food and housing. Quit kowtowing to those that want to increase their wealth at the expense of the private citizen, we voted you in and we will vote you out.