Obama re-election would mean 'the end'

Page Two would like to applaud Mr. Shivers (David Shivers, "When will Page Two turn the page?," July 5) for having the intestinal fortitude to sign his opinion rather than to hide behind The "Squawkbox. He ascertains that several presidents had the privilege of using "executive order" and that therefore Mr. Obama has the same right and that it's OK to do so. It isn't and it never was. As for my use of "fantastic hyperbole," I wonder what the Poles said when Hitler overran their country in a manner of weeks and that coming after he had signed "a nonaggression pact with Poland in January 1934" (fact)? All of those words were very common long before the end of the war.

As for my Social Security check, the government confiscated part of my pay whether I liked it or not. As for the amount I put in, I expect to get a hell of a lot more back since I have paid in for over 50 years and I want interest on my money! Paying me back exactly what I paid in is "theft," pure and simple, but that's what my government is best at. Not only that, if I should die, the government keeps my money.

As for where I get my information, I read. Where do you get yours, since you didn't say? As for "moving on to a new page," I will move on if Obama is re-elected. It will read "The Last Page" and say "the end," which is what I foresee. More Later from Page Two.




FryarTuk 3 years, 4 months ago

What's your point? Are you moving to another country like Mississippi if Obama is re-elected? I think perhaps you have misused the word "ascertains" above. Maybe "asserts" would be a better fit. It would at least make a rational sentence though remain absurd. Just a hint, if the Guilded Governor of MA is elected POTUS it will be disastrous. To begin with the country will be run by a sollection of knuckle draggers of the extremist right who serve as minions of the uber rich. You can forget about your social security check, medicare and personal rights. They are all ready making sexual assault legal on women who have healthcare issues, sound familiar? Does Poland under Nazi rule have a ring here? The have removed thousands of legitimate citizens off voter registration lists. Some are veterans who fought in WWII and Viet Nam. Brother, if that crowd gets in, you aint seen nothing yet.


Jacob 3 years, 4 months ago

Back away from the pipe. You have had enough.


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