Darrisaw a voice of reason in court

I served as the director of Victim Services with the District Attorney’s office for 15 years from 1995 to 2009. I worked first hand with Victoria Darrisaw and saw Victoria’s compassion dignity and respect shown to victims. It was second to none. She was fair and balanced to defendants as well. If the evidence was there, she moved forward with a zealous prosecution, but if the evidence was not there, she explained that as well.

Her transition from prosecutor to judge was a smooth one because she has always had a balanced and even-tempered approach to every case she handled.

Her transition from Magistrate to State Court would be an even smoother transition because she has already worked in that court with the law enforcement officers, lawyers, court personnel and other citizens. Not only does she know the law, she has such a pleasant personality that she makes the difficult process of being in court more bearable for most. Victoria has an ideal judicial temperament.

She is not arrogant or brash, but rather humble and calm. She is a voice of reason. I have personally observed her maintain a calm head in the midst of potential chaos. She is the best choice to replace retiring judge John Salter. She has a history of using good and sound judgment.