Warren right person for State Court bench

Having practiced law for almost 30 years, I have had the pleasure to meet many fine people. One of the finest men I’ve met is Christopher Warren, a candidate for State Court judge.

Chris Warren is precisely the man that we need as a judge in Albany. He is the role model our young people, especially those who struggle, need to see. Chris is living proof that the child of a single mother, living in inner city poverty, in a neighborhood environment of crime, drugs, alcohol, and violence; can achieve any goal and overcome any obstacle, if he is willing to work for it. His late mother and his local church, influenced, inspired, and encouraged him to earn: a college degree, honorable service as a U.S. Marine, and a full scholarship and law degree from Emory Law School.

A hard worker — Chris Warren’s legal career has included both criminal and civil law. He has the broad experience of both fiercely defending and fairly prosecuting. He has the small business experience of running a law office. He teaches government and constitutional law courses at ASU.

Chris is grateful for his blessings, energetic and loves kids. Generously, he has coached YMCA soccer and Upward Basketball. He officiates high school basketball and football, and serves on the board of Albany’s Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He is a great family man, who is extremely proud of Carol, his wife of 15 years, and his three delightful children, Courtney, Christopher and Christin.

Without hesitation, I endorse my friend Christopher Warren to be elected Judge. He is plain spoken, fair, and firm. He is the well-rounded role model we need on the bench.



EDITOR’S NOTE: Jimmie Brown is an attorney with the Brown & Scoccimaro law firm in Albany.