Albany Crime Stoppers Most Wanted

Cedric Demond Pittmon

Cedric Demond Pittmon

Since the Crime Stoppers Most Wanted Fugitive list became a weekly feature in The Albany Herald on Dec. 31, 2011, 27 Most Wanted lists with a total of 69 fugitives have been featured.

As of Wednesday, 36 of those featured fugitives are in the custody of Albany-Dougherty County authorities or other law enforcement agencies.

A warrant for Jeff King Jr. was withdrawn.

Authorities, meanwhile, are still on the lookout for 32 fugitives who have been featured on the Most Wanted list and who are not known to be in the custody of any law enforcement agency.

The most frequently featured fugitive has been Cedric Demon Pittmon, who has appeared on the Most Wanted list 10 times so far. Pittmon (aka CED) is considered to be especially dangerous. A 38-year-old black male, he is 5 feet 6, weighs 154 pounds and has black hair (may be in long dreads), brown eyes (right eye may be covered with patch). His last known address is 919 Willow Wood, Albany. Pittmon has 11 active arrest warrants for three counts of aggravated assault, two counts of burglary, possession of a firearm/knife during commission of certain crimes, aggravated battery, simple battery, aggravated stalking, probation violation and failure to appear for battery, cruelty to children — third degree and criminal trespass. Since April 17, the Albany Area Crime Stoppers board has been offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest of Pittmon.

Here’s a quick look at who’s in custody and who’s still being sought.


Fugitives featured captured/in custody in another jurisdiction or arrest warrant withdrawn on the following individuals:

Leon Cox — arrested in Albany on Dec. 30, 2011 with additional charges;

Daniel Darr — turned himself on Jan. 12;

Tenish Scherel Carter — arrested in Albany on Feb. 27;

Mayo Montres Baltimore — arrested March 2;

Raymond Barnes Jr. — arrested in Albany on Jan. 23 with additional charges;

Cavoris Harvey — arrested in Albany on Feb. 24 (featured twice before arrest);

David Charles Summers Jr. — arrested in Albany on Jan. 30;

Jawaskie Martez Luke — arrested in Albany on Jan. 31;

Lamontrez Rashon Luke — arrested in Albany on Jan. 28;

Robert Whaley III — arrested in Albany on Feb. 7;

Denzel Xavier Ford — arrested in Albany on May 1;

Justin Jamaal King — arrested in Albany on Feb. 3;

Jamaal La’Voris Clyde — arrested Feb. 13;

Johnny Ray Doggett — arrested in Albany on Feb. 10;

Jamie Doyle — arrested in Lee County with additional charges/ booked in Dougherty County on June 22 (featured seven times before arrest);


Jamie Ryan Doyle

John Dame Woody III — arrested in Albany on June 8 (featured seven times before arrest);

Latasha Walker — arrested in Albany on April 3 (featured three times before arrest);

Leslie Nicole Thomas — arrested March 31 (featured two times before arrest);

Chase Luke Payne — arrested in Albany on March 15 (featured two times before arrest);

Shawn Michael Bailey — arrested May 26 (featured two times before arrest);

James Myers — arrested April 17 (featured two times before arrest);

Avery Bernard Sinclair — arrested April 2;

Quinterrious Winchester — arrested May 18;

Stacy Bernard Boyd — arrested April 24;

Eddrecia Hudson — arrested April 23;

Maurice Juawan Sanders — arrested June 14 (featured with one arrest warrant/seven additional charges);

Syennie Labonea Braithwaite — arrested April 27;

Roger Dale Posey — arrested in Albany on May 14;

Whitley Monique Wilkerson — arrested May 11;

Carlos Bryon Reliford — in Fulton County Jail on unrelated charges (featured three times before arrest);

Henry Benjamin Nix III — arrested May 24 with additional charge;

Gregory Vanory Florence — in Mitchell County Jail on unrelated charges;

Loretta Denise Lamar — arrested in Albany July 2 (featured three times before arrest);

Marvin Maurice Brown — arrested June 18;

Christopher Steve Collins — arrested June 23 (featured two times before arrest);

Jason Lee Grizzard — in Florida prison on unrelated charges still has active local arrest warrants.


An arrest warrant or warrants are still active for the following fugitives:

Yolanda Shakilla Cleveland;

Neil Adams Smith;

Johkomia K. Fletcher;

Michael Shane Cox — charge of failure to appear added after being featured;

Robert Lee Edwards Jr.;

Johnny Charles Holman Jr. (featured twice);

Shylah Renee Inman-Lyons;

Heather Finn (aka Heather Hope Shelly);

Wesley Lamar Anderson — featured four times;

Vanessa Monquie Brown — featured three times;

Cedric Demon Pittmon — featured 10 times;

Rufus Bernard Brown Jr. — charge of failure to appear added after being featured twice;

Desmond Darnell Daniels — featured twice;

Eldrundo Hozay Gilyard — additional charges are failure to appear and probation violation;

Darrell Kirk — featured three times;

Eugene Baisden Jr.;

Frederick Teemer — featured six times;

Kenneth Bernard Hayes — cruelty to animals charge added after being featured twice;

Rafael Martinez;

Quaza Rashaan Young (aka Quaza Mitchell);

Beverly Dawn Denson;

Sheila Marie Dunn — featured twice;


Sherry Lynn Vansant

Derrick Miguel Dent — featured three times;

Phenix Nique Green — featured four times;

Sherry Lynn Vanzant — featured four times;

Brian Keith Randall — featured twice;

Tohj imir Hamilton — featured three times;

Alicia Brooke Avera (aka Alicia Mashburn) — featured four times;

Marvie Renee Givens — featured two times;

Christopher Lee Graham;

Stephen Wayne Chapman — featured two times;

Seddrick Garren Culbreth.

If you have any information on these or any other fugitives, contact Albany Area Crime Stoppers at (229) 436-TIPS (8477) or www.albanycrimestoppers.com, the Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office at (229) 431-3259 or the Albany Police Department at (229) 431-2100.

Crime Stoppers tips can be left anonymously and tips that lead to arrests are eligible for cash rewards. You can get details at www.albanycrimestoppers.com.