Possible Lee write-in candidate surfaces

LEESBURG, Ga. -- Don't close the book on the District 4 Lee County Commission race just yet.

Even as incumbent Commissioner Rick Muggridge campaigns for a second term against challenger Frank Taylor for the Century seat on the five-person commission, a possible third challenger has surfaced.

Timothy "Tim" Nelson, the current chairman of the Southwest Georgia Libertarian Party and the District 1 representative on the party's State Executive Committee, has established a website and Facebook page dedicated to his possible candidacy in the District 4 race.

"I am not officially a candidate; I'm exploring possibilities right now," Nelson said Friday when asked about the media sites. "I have until Aug. 3 to qualify, so I'm looking at options. The results of the July 31 primary will have a lot to do with my ultimate decision."

In order to enter the race as a valid write-in candidate, Nelson must collect signatures of 5 percent of the registered voters in District 4. He has already begun the quest to collect the 168 signatures needed.

"State regulations require that, if I decide to run, I run as an independent," Nelson said. "I'll certainly seek the support of the local Libertarian Party if I do run. My primary concern right now is getting the required number of valid signatures to make sure I get on the ballot."

Information about Nelson's write-in candidacy is available on his website, www.vote-nelson.com.