No reason for Lee to change sheriffs

As I read the article on the front page of the Albany paper on July 8, 2012, I diligently searched for any information that would lead me to want to change the Lee County sheriff. I tried to find information as to whether Mr. Cheshire would be an improvement. The article was full of alleged accusations, but none of them of any substance. Do we need a sheriff that fabricates things that are trivial?

Mr. Rachals has served Lee County for many years as a deputy and for the last four years as our sheriff. He has utilized the drug recovery program to help keep the expenses down in his department. He works well with the State Patrol and other law enforcement agencies in our area. I can personally guarantee the citizens of Lee County that he makes decisions based upon what is best for Lee County. Sheriff Rachals's integrity is impeccable.

Sheriff Rachals has made many decisions in his execution of the office. His decisions affect all Lee County personnel. In fact, his decisions have benefited every citizen of Lee County. I am certain that each employee he hires has to meet many criteria, but the first question I can see Sheriff Rachals asking is is this person right for Lee County.

Mr. Cheshire's mention of three promotions under Sheriff Rachals's administration shows Sheriff Rachals's ability to look at the best in people and overlook past mistakes. His fairness to all people and his consistency in his treatment of people are two qualities needed in the Sheriff's Office.

Lee County needs to support Sheriff Rachals by allowing him to continue to serve its citizens. Lee County would do well to stand behind the quality of personnel in the sheriff's department.




FryarTuk 3 years ago

"I can personally guarantee the citizens of Lee County that he makes decisions based upon what is best for Lee County." Wow, quite a guarantee. Listen, anytime an elected official who has as much power, albeit confined to the shire, as a sheriff who begins to use county taxpayers money to hire his relatives and give contracts to his family without bids has got a problem. Skate over it if you choose but this is not a good sign for the taxpayers. Nip in the bud now or face bigger problems down the line. Don't be stupid.


buddy 3 years ago

WOW! "Nip in the bud" for what....someone that fabricates stories to make someone sound guilty...yeah, that's who I want as Sheriff! NOT!


waltspecht 3 years ago

When one checks online the Average Salary for a Georgia Sheriff is between $35,000 and $54,000. I couldn't find specifics for the Lee County Sheriff's salary. Makes me wonder why these folks will spend all this money on a campaign for this job. Also makes me wonder who is backing Cheshire and why? Those small signs and bill boards aren't free, at least I wouldn't think so.


Royalstar 3 years ago

I know one of the people Rachal hired and I can tell you that person isn't qualified to be a dog catcher. The sheriff's credibility was destroyed with me when I noticed that. Also, we have speeders that come by our house in a subdivision going over 50 mph and several of us have called the sheriff but nothing gets done. When a child is killed maybe he will do something. The excuse is that the department is understaffed. If they are understaffed why have I seen more than once two or three deputy cars parked at ford town or off highway 19 in the pines.


Shinedownfan 3 years ago

He's got my vote, Donnie Harris. I think he's done a fine job. No need to fix what isnt broken.


Citizen1 3 years ago

Wonder why this information has never been in the news? Secrets in Lee County? Trouble in Lee County? Believe it or not! WOW!


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