Actions of Christians can confuse athiests

I would like to help those atheists who are totally confused by Christians who are distraught over so many secular events and laws in this country. Normally, atheists would be told by Christians how their lives would be happier, more fulfilling and, of course, be secured with everlasting communion with God by accepting Jesus Christ as their redeemer.

These days Christians are a little preoccupied with correcting the missteps of the president, protesting too much violence on television, debunking global warming, overturning abortion rights, advocating for their style of judges and a host of more pressing secular issues. I understand their desire to reverse a nation of 300 million from a path of destruction. The confusion atheists may have with this is that there is a counter group of Christians that believes just the opposite, and sometimes this leads to heated/hostile debates. Christians on both sides invoke spiritual teachings from the same book, which can be seen as comical to the unbeliever.

For those atheists who want some clarity on what Christians should be focused on, I recommend going to the intersection of Dawson Road and Whispering Pines in Albany, and there you may on occasions observe a young man holding up a sign advocating the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He doesn't shout out any hostility or demeaning slogans to those who have differing views, just a smile. Any other effort to alter a predetermined world and its secular theme is like "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic."