Darrisaw would be fair, professional on bench

This is just a brief note to express my support for Judge Darrisaw's election for judge of the State Court.

Judge Darrisaw is a longtime resident of south Georgia, having lived here since 1990. Following graduation from law school, she clerked for several judges and also worked as a prosecutor. She has been judge of Magistrate Court and has an impeccable record. She is well known as being fair, intelligent and having exceedingly good interpersonal skills.

She is married to a gentlemen who is a teacher in the public school system. She has two children who also attend public school.

Her opponent in this race has been associated with a personal injury attorney whose firm advertises on television and billboards. In contrast to her opponent, Judge Darrisaw has a record of neutrality.

I know Judge Darrisaw personally. I have been very impressed with her forthrightness, intelligence, friendliness and approachability. She has a great deal of experience, and I believe she would perform in a very fair and professional manner.

Given all the above, I strongly support Judge Darrisaw's campaign for judge of the State Court. It is my sincere hope that other voters will do likewise.



EDITOR'S NOTE; Dr. Charles M. Mendenhall is medical director of radiation oncology for Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.