Schools, T-SPLOST losses of local control

I am voting against the Charter School Amendment because of the origin of charter schools, its governance and the taking away of local control of elected officials. Charter schools are public/private partnerships (socialist) and were started by the federal Department of Education in collaboration with the New American School's Development Corporation. We have more than 100 Islamic charter schools, and some are under investigation.

I am voting against T-SPLOST because it promotes regionalism (Agenda 21 equals more power into fewer hands). In Georgia, Agenda 21/sustainable development/regionalism is being promoted through H.B.1216 and H.B. 277. Councils/commissions become controlling entities, and we lose power and local control. When we give them all this money, then we are contributing to our decline.

S.B. 86 of 2011 attempted to abolish regional government. The House passed it 159-7, the Senate passed it 47-0 and Gov. Deal, unfortunately, vetoed it. Please do your research before voting, and see you at the polls!