Warren has knowledge, heart for State Court

Chris Warren has been a "blessing" to the Albany Elite Sports youth program. Chris Warren's message to the kids in the Albany Elite Sports youth program, as well as to all of the youth of Southwest Georgia, has been: "Stay on the courts and out of the courts!" Throughout the year, Chris has volunteered at numerous programs and activities sponsored by the Albany Elite Sports youth program.

Chris Warren has been instrumental this summer in assisting the Albany Elite Sports staff with providing the youth of Albany with programs and activities that have been entertaining and educational. Chris served as a volunteer-referee during the 2012 Orange Crush Basketball Invitational that was hosted by Albany Elite Sports in June. Chris also showed his support at the 2012 Albany Elite Sports "Celebrity" Softball Game that was held in honor of the late Coach Essance Satterfield. Mr. Warren will also be one of the guest speakers at the Albany Elite Sports' 2nd annual Youth Summit & Sports Banquet that will be held at the Albany Civic Center on July 31.

Chris Warren is the right man for State Court. Chris Warren is a family guy that is committed to the youth of Albany. Chris also has the education and experience to succeed at the State Court level. I am convinced that, "Chris Warren has Knowledge of the Law and a Heart for the People"!



EDITOR'S NOTE: Dr. Earnest Brown Jr. is president of Albany Elite Sports.