Price would make future brighter for students

The heart and soul of a community is its public school system. We must have Board of Education members that will put our children first.

On July 31, the citizens of Dougherty County will have the opportunity to elect a person to the Board of Education who has dedicated her whole life to serving others. Lane Price knows that our children are our most precious asset and will work to see that our teachers, support personnel and administrators have the support and resources to meet the needs of our young people.

As a former public school teacher, she knows the challenges our teachers face in the classroom. Lane believes that school system policies need to be enforced fairly and in an equitable manner. As a lifelong public school advocate, I would ask that my fellow citizens consider supporting and pulling the Democratic ticket to vote for Lane Price for the Board of Education at-large position on July 31. Her election would be a major step in helping ensure a bright future for our children.



EDITOR'S NOTE: Bert Wagnon is a retired education association field director.