Taxpayers have had enough of change

It is humorous, no it is not humorous at all, that the headline in today's Albany Herald (July 18) reads, "Residents frown on tax increase." Part of the report states that some residents voiced their opposition to a 1.33-mill increase in (Albany) property taxes, with the argument that the move would hinder economic development opportunities in Dougherty County. I surely join with those residents, I am opposed to any tax increase. It is seemingly ironic that the leadership of this country cannot understand that raising the taxes on income will hinder economic development in the nation, just as the residents of Dougherty County understand that raising property taxes will hinder economic development on a smaller scale at home.

Some of the businesses that will be impacted by the increased property taxes will also be impacted by a proposed plan to tax the so called rich, those with incomes above $250,000. That amounts to a double whammy, and even worse should that $250,000 be gross income rather than net income. There is a physical law that states that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. Our government from local level to the national level must at some point realize that having more first downs in a football game does not necessarily lead to victory. Read the history of just about any war, battles were won on each side, but only one side was the victor.

Another physical law is that objects at rest tend to remain at rest. Some effort must be expended to start an object to movement, and there just might be a sleeping giant in these United States of America that is going to decide that enough change is enough change!