Texting driver law makes roads dangerous

On my way to work Wednesday (July 18), exiting the bypass on the circular ramp to East Oglethorpe, I got behind a new, red Dodge Durango. The driver was going very slow, maybe 5 mph. Once on Oglethorpe, I passed and saw that the driver was a middle-aged man who was looking down. As I whipped my car in front of him (since I had to turn right at McDonald’s), he jerked his head up and grabbed the steering wheel. He was either reading something or texting and driving.

Ever since the law was passed to make it illegal to text and drive, offenders feel the need to “hide” their phones from view, taking their eyes off the road. Before, you would see people holding their phone just above or on the steering wheel so they could see the traffic and the phone. Yes, this was dangerous, but now I think it is even more so.

What gets me is this driver was not the stereotypical young female driver. Anyone could be doing this. Just be vigilant and drive defensively, and be aware of the morons. To you who insist on texting as you drive, pull into a parking lot to text and keep your eyes on the road.




waltspecht 3 years, 4 months ago

Wouldn't be a problem at all if he were following the law, would it?


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