McCain demonstrates a sense of fairness

I wasn't sure whether I should vote for him. Over 50 percent of his views differ from my own, but his character and sincerity to those he disagreed with won me over. Now that same man again has shown that character on the Senate floor in defending Huma Abedin against Rep. Michele Bachmann's claims that the aide for Hillary Clinton at the State Department is connected in a conspiracy with the Muslim Brotherhood.

At first I thought people like Bachmann, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh and Sen. Mitch McConnell are just blatant racists. I was wrong! These are at another level. Their mindset is deep in attack mode on anyone's character, group, religion or ideals that are founded in a different agenda from their own. The code words or phrases for people that like Ms. Bachmann is they hate America, want to destroy us, don't understand our way of life, socialist, communist or radical. Once anyone believes they solely possess the format or standards for the ideals of life, religion, finance and moral character more than any other view, they are considered to be a threat.

Again, John McCain demonstrated he can transcend strict political lines, race baiting and bonds of fear found in both political parties.

If we can only get listeners to Ms. Bachmann and the like to denounce the "painful and injurious accusations on reputation, character and patriotism without concern for facts or fairness," as McCain stated, whenever it arises. Let's not stand on the sidelines as the Kentucky senator states his sole purpose is to make the president a one-term official, a former V.P. constantly criticizes an administration and a radio host shows no humility, kindness to any differing opinions. Everyday listeners should, like Sen. McCain, exercise their moral character in denouncing hatred, ignorance and fear mongering.