Rick Allen a change from the status quo

It is doubtful that America will ever abandon the two-party system. Due to that fact, it is the duty of all Americans to understand the gravity of the primaries. Your voice and your vote matter most at this time.

A great deal of the accomplishments of our electorate is vastly unconstitutional. Both political parties are at fault. We the people are at fault. Both political parties play the partisan game of the most "electable" candidate based on the premise of the "benefits" the candidate can provide to the people that elect them. The result is a slippery slope toward models of government that are the antithesis of our own.

Both parties have upped the ante of the "what's in it for me" pot until our country barely resembles a constitutional republic with a decentralized federal government granted limited power by the people that have elected them. The front runner of most elections would be the establishment candidate, the one chosen by a political party that would shift the balance of power to benefit everyone but the citizenry.

On July 31, we will cast our ballots for our representative for the 2nd Congressional District of Georgia. If we are truly going to make a meaningful change it is never a choice between John McCain and Barack Obama on general election day, because both candidates were the same. We are obligated to weigh the candidates based on their ability and resolve to protect and defend the Constitution. Our duty is to prevent a John McCain or a Bob Dole from ever happening again in our lifetimes.

Rick Allen is the candidate to represent our district based on the constitutional principles that our country deserves. I implore every voter to consider all of their options before accepting the status quo.




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