ASU to host youth empowerment summit

ALBANY -- Groups from the Albany area will come together Saturday with the hopes that youth empowerment will help to cure some of the community's ills.

The first Parents for Change "4GIVEN" Youth Empowerment Summit will take place from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday in the ACAD Building at Albany State University.

Coordinators of the summit say it will serve as an entertaining and educational event with speakers who will discuss different positive youth development issues. Topics are expected to include abstinence education, goal setting and attainment, alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention, gang and violence prevention, bullying prevention, as well as other topics.

The event is being catered to middle and high school students, a news release on the summit stated.

A flyer for the event states that a talent show with first-, second- and third-prize winners, live music and hip-hop dance are part of the summit. Special invited guests include Montrel Miller from the TV series "House of Payne."

Some of the sponsors for the event are Christopher Warren, a candidate for Dougherty State Court judge, 100 Black Men of Albany, and individual members of the Albany-Dougherty Gang Task Force.

Warren, an Albany attorney who grew up as a disadvantaged youth, said his involvement in the event is part of his "Heart for the People" campaign.

"I would rather take my money (to a program that will) have an impact on young people," he said. "This is about inspiring and touching lives. (Programs like these) are designed to get better results."

Warren indicated in an earlier interview with The Albany Herald that there would be as many as 400 young people in attendance at the event.

Admission is free with registration. Contacts for more information are Bernetta Quimbley at (229) 733-9071 and Detrell Hawkins at (229) 854-2891.


pettibone 3 years, 4 months ago

This is one of the problems I see with trying to instill value in youth today. We have to trout out our accomplishments in order to prove that we have worth. Who care what you have accomplish, just be a just and honorable person and your gifts will make place for you. Please stop with the political commericals. It makes it seems as if you are only doing good to get your ticket punched for the next rung up the ladder.


IloveSWGA 3 years, 4 months ago

Those of us who LOVE SWGA care about who is influencing our youth. Mr. Warren has been a gift to this community for years! Pettibone, if you did your homework you would know that he has been teaching at ASU for 8-10 years. You would also know that he has always worked with our Youth. I met him at Upward Basketball over a decade ago. Now he is officiating at the middle shcool and high school level.

I thank God for his family sharing him with us for all of these years. I thank him for putting himself in harms way as a US Marine to protect your right to exercise your freedom of speech. The man that you see is the same man that has been serving SWGA and his country for years. You see an act, I see an example for young and old to follow.


IloveSWGA 3 years, 4 months ago

Those of us who love SWGA care alot about who is influencing our youth! Why are you trying to verbally pistol whip a guy who has been working with the youth of SWGA for years.

I'm not surprised that Mr. Warren is a Co-sponsor of this event. He has been coaching basketball and Officiating our youth for at least a decade. He has been teaching at ASU for 8-10 years. This guy is a real role model in our community. Do your homework!!! What you see is the same man that has been living, working and loving SWGA for years. The Bigger Question is where have you been Pettibone. Let's loose the crab in the bucket mentality and thank Mr. Warren's family for sharing him all these years with the rest of us.

PS I have never met a more Honorable Man in my life. You be honorable by appreciating a Man of God that has put himself in harms way as a US Marine to protect your freedom to write your comment. Let us appreciate your gift by during your homework next time!


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