Kitchen inspections for July 22, 2012

EDITOR’S NOTE: To make these reports more meaningful to readers, beginning today we will be including the observations of the inspectors.

These establishments were inspected by the Dougherty and Lee County Environmental Health Offices June 27 and July 17. The department scores on a 100-point scale with a score of 80 or greater considered passing. Businesses and agencies inspected are required to post score sheets where the public can see them. To contact the health office, call (229) 438-3943.



Imagination Theater, 117 Pine Ave.

Score: 100

Little Whiskey River, 2900 Sylvester Road

Score: 100

Motel 6, 201 S. Thornton

Score: 100


Club Parisian, 1900 Liberty Expy

Score: 100

The Cookie Shoppe, 115 N.

Jackson St.

Score: 100

Tropical Taste Restaurant, 231 E. Oglethorpe Blvd.

Score: 95

Notes: Observed fume hood needs cleaning, manager states someone will be out to clean fume hood (new violation); observed wall and floor next to fryers needs cleaning, manager will have wall and floor cleaned at end of day (new violation).


Arby’s, 1105 N. Slappey Blvd.

Score: 93

Notes: Observed drink gaskets soiled at drive-through and front counter, clean gaskets once every 24 hours (repeat violation); observed floor soiled in dry storage area, clean as needed (new violation).

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 1723 E. Oglethorpe Blvd.

Score: 91

Observed interior of ice machine needs cleaning, manager will have an employee clean ice machine at end of shift (new violation); observed gasket on reach-in freezer needs repairing, manager will replace gasket (repeat violation); observed faucet at handsink leaking, manger will have faucet repaired (repeat violation).

Second Harvest of South Georgia Kids Cafe, 1618 W. 3rd. Ave.

Score: 94

Notes: Observed food items marked with prep date instead of discard date, corrected on-site (repeat violation).

Burger King, 802 S. Slappey Blvd.

Score: 100

Kregg’s BBQ, 1401 N. Jefferson St.

Score: 100


Ole Times Catering/Miller Brewing, 405 Cordele Road

Score: 100

Sowega Council on Aging, 311 Pine Ave.

Score: 93

Notes: Observed chlorine sanitizer, 10 ppm, must be 50-100 ppm, corrected on-site (new violation); observed wet cloths stored on counters, store in sanitizer between use, corrected on-site (new violation).

The Bar Code, 104 N. Washington St.

Score: 100

Triple Diamond Lounge, 1009 E. Clark Ave.

Score: 100



Fairfax Motel, 1044 Highway 19 S.

Score: 92

Notes: Observed water damage and mold buildup around tubs in Rooms No. 116, 119, 121; toilets in bad repair; broken window in Room 121; smoke detectors missing in some rooms; washing machine out of service during time of this inspection.



Dairy Queen, 509 E. Franklin St.

Score: 95

Notes: Observed employee preparing food while wearing rings with stones (new violation); Observed deep grooves in cutting board at prep area (new violation); Observed raw wood in storage building (studs & floors); Observed raw wood on shelf next to ice cream machine; observed tiles missing from kitchen floor creating porous surface (new violation).

Sylvester Health Care, 102 Monk St.

Score: 92

Notes: Observed Comet cleaner stored on shelf next to bowls (new violation); observed potato salad cooling completely covered, PIC had potato salad partially uncovered to continue cooling, corrected on-site (new violation); Observed single-use cups stored on floor in office (new violation).


Fat Boy’s Backyard BBQ & More, 509 N. Main St.

Score: 96

Notes: Observed working container with bleach water not labeled with common name, PIC labeled bottle, corrected on-site (new violation).

Hot Wok, 105 E. Franklin St.

Score: 84

Notes: Observed chicken in stages of prep at 73 degrees. Observed lo mein in prep cooler at 60 degrees, placed in coolers, corrected on-site (new violation); observed fries on shelf at 102 degrees, observed wings on shelf at 100 degrees, cooked to temperatures greater than 165 to serve, corrected on-site (new violation); observed lo mein, beef and chicken cooling in pans at depths greater than 4 inches and completely covered, PIC uncovered items to allow heat to escape, corrected on-site (repeat violation); observed serving utensils being stored in water at room temperature (new violation); observed containers stored on floor in kitchen, items were moved, corrected on-site (new violation); observed cutting boards scored with black marks (new violation); observed fly swatter stored on table next to rice warmer, fan in kitchen dusty (new violation); bugs on light cover over prep table, observed top shelf dusty (new violation).


tocar 3 years, 4 months ago

Please inspect Piggly Wiggly kitchen as well as the restrooms.


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