Gun control debate lost five years ago

Those who are wise in this country realize that the "gun" control debate has been finished since the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting (not massarce) that killed 32. The word massacre would suggest that the victims were helpless when, according to some, each person should have carried a gun for protection.

I gave up on the "gun" control debate when proponents stated that it's their constitutional right (given by men who didn't possess automatic guns) to purchase an assault weapon for their protection and "sport."

I gave up debating the notion that honest and non-criminal citizens can purchase an assault gun under the presumption they would never become a criminal. With that logic, it means a 22 year old without a criminal record (like honest gunowner Mr. Holmes) will never become a mass murderer by the mere fact that he purchased an assault weapon that can hold a 100-round drum magazine.

I'm talking apples and oranges for those who still don't get it. Ban assault weapons period while allowing "normal" people to purchase a thousand pistols or rifles if that's their fancy.

The shooting in Colorado is a tragedy, but not shocking. The massacre in Oslo, Norway, last year at this same time which killed 69 (mostly kids) was shocking and a tragedy. Norway has strict gun laws for their non-criminal citizens. Pretending that Colorado's shooting is shocking is just that -- pretending.

It's comical to hear "assault" proponents boasting of what they would do against a well planned attack of someone with legally owned body armor/gas grenades and 6,000 rounds of ammunition. Let me know how that turns out if your daughter is in the theater and you are on a hunting trip with your single-shot rifle. Even Rambo would think of his children first.




waltspecht 2 years, 10 months ago

We cannot live in fear of what one of our fellow citizens of this earth might do. Following your logic, we need to outlaw gasoline and ping-pong balls. Isn't that what this fellow in Auora made his Napalm with? We need to outlaw high nitrogen fertilizer and diesel fuel. Timothy McVey I believe knew how to mix it. The Texas Tower shooter used conventinal arms along with an M-1 carbine. Why do you think the point man in Vietnam carried a 12 gauge shotgun when one was available? Didn't the 100 round mag jam, and the Aurora shooter went to a shotgun? How about the pickup in Houston Texas that killed more than the Aurora shooter? Want to outlaw them too? The misuse of any product by an individual is no reason to denie that product to others. Remember, if you can smuggle drugs and people, it is no big stretch to smuggle any weapon. Right now there are many smuggled, illegal, full-auto weapons within our borders. Despite all the laws against it. So, live in your own personal world of fear, I shall live my life as I see fit and not worry about things like you do. If laws worked, none of us would have to worry. Problem is, criminals have a habit of ignoring laws.


QUIK 2 years, 10 months ago

Walt you misread my articule. To advocate against a law does not mean you fear it, it can be just a desire. Your examples proves nothing to my point of wanting that particular gun outlawed. In the world WE live in there will always be people that differ on many things. I don't take it personal when someone have a difference of opinion and attack him. I'll wait for another reply that can be respectful. Have a good day.


waltspecht 2 years, 10 months ago

Didn't see any disrespect any where in the response. Thin skinned? Or just looking to pull attention away from facts? What personal attack? Mearly stated in a nice way you have an apparent extreme distrust of your fellow citizens.


LoneCycler 2 years, 10 months ago

The problem is not lack of gun control or the banning of particular weapons. Consider this; the 9-11 terrorists did not need firearms to kill some 3000 people one morning and throw America into an abyss. They used box cutters, guile and commercial aircraft. Our government is still engaged, some 11 years later, waging the wars of choice we set out on in response to that attack. If we follow your logic we should have just banned box cutters and then washed our hands of the matter. The root of the problem is cultural. Nobody on the left wants to mention that. If we bring this inconvenient fact up we're accused of being bitter, clinging to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like us. We're anti-immigrant racial bigots or anti-trade protectionists. You won't look past your own prejudices to see the truth. American people have had enough of being told by liberals that we are the cause of these problems. We are not the cause. You are.


QUIK 2 years, 9 months ago

Once again it is impossible to have a DIRECT debate on this subject. I hope someone can debate the subject of having a law against obtaining a product, I guess not. Talking about race, liberals, trade, 9-11 and especially what "americans have had a enough of" is off message. Last time I checked most who differ with you are probably Americans. One day I may find someone who can debate this subject of ASSUALT guns without any assumptions of who I am. I have a successful day.


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