Williams a bargain for Lee taxpayers

We don't get many bargains these days, do we? It seems we pay a lot and get a little, like with $3.33 gas that used to cost 33 cents a gallon. So when citizens get a bargain for little cost, out of county government of all places, and also save some money, it becomes something special to me.

Lee's bargain is District 5 Commissioner Bill Williams, a CPA, who works daily with budgets and accounting in area governments, advising in financial management matters in the normal course of his business. Professional experience of this type is normally not found in those available to be elected to public service. So, Lee has been very fortunate to have virtually daily access to his financial management and accounting experience, a real bargain for a $443.38 monthly commissioner's salary.

Now the money saving aspect of the bargain is how he applies knowledge and experience to county business. Budgets are balanced, services are expanded and yet taxes are not increased, largely as a result of his efforts. This has certainly not always been the case in Lee just as it is not in other counties even now. Not all commissioners are savvy about budgets, as I recently saw in an area county's budget discussions where the "hog and the wristwatch" analogy was partly in play. On the other hand, Williams was reviewing Lee budgets as a citizen before his election and found an error of over $1 million -- saved our bacon that year and cost nothing.

Williams does best what Lee needs most. And for $443.38 monthly, we sure are getting a lot of "bang for the buck." Most counties don't get a chance to elect one with his credentials and experience. Re-elect Bill Williams, your pocketbook needs a bargain now more than ever.