Williams' work behind balanced Lee budgets

Four years ago, you honored Commissioner Bill Williams with your vote to represent the Redbone District of the Lee County Board of Commissioners.

Commissioner Williams initially decided to run for the commission because he was concerned with the financial direction the county taking. He has been the budget chairman since January 2009, and with his leadership Bill has prepared a balanced budget every year without a millage rate increase, no employee furloughs and no employee layoffs.

Since Bill was elected, the county has not used its rainy-day fund to balance the budget; as a matter of record the county has increased those reserves by more than $4 million. Since Bill has been budget chairman, the board has added 29 public safety personnel, a new fire/EMS station in Smithville and a state-of-the-art animal shelter. Public safety is Bill's, along with the current board's, No. 1 priority, and all of these accomplishments have come during the most severe economic decline we have ever known.

Lee County is privileged to have Bill's dedicated leadership and his inherent fiscal experience. He watches over the budget in the best interest of all lee County citizens.

Bill is a humble and unassuming man and does not seek the limelight. He just works quietly and incessantly behind the scenes, not getting the credit he deserves.

Lee County needs Bill's experience and fiscal expertise. Please vote for Bill Williams for commissioner of the Redbone District. By doing so, Lee County will continue to have a balanced budget for years to come.



EDITOR'S NOTE: Ed Duffy is chairman of the Lee County Board of Commissioners.