Fowler brings experience to coroner’s position

Dougherty County voters have the opportunity to elect a uniquely well qualified coroner this year.

Mr. Michael Fowler brings a lot of experience to the coroner’s position. He has worked with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation as a forensic pathology assistant for many years and has helped the medical examiner in our area to determine the cause, mechanism and manner of death in numerous forensic cases. He assisted Albany Pathology Associates PC as an autopsy assistant for more than 10 years. These responsibilities also require specific knowledge of anatomy and various autopsy procedures which will be very helpful in the performance of his duties as coroner.

Mr. Fowler has been certified by the Board of Mortuary Science since 1988, graduated with a degree in Mortuary Science from Gupton Jones College in Atlanta in 1987 and graduated from Dougherty County High School in 1975. He has been a licensed funeral embalmer for 26 years.

Michael served with distinction at times of crisis, during the floods of 1994 and 1998, in the aftermath of the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001, the tornado in Camilla, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the earthquake in Haiti and the tsunami in Thailand.

Mr. Fowler is of the highest integrity, hardworking, honest, fair and even-tempered.

We strongly support Mr. Michael Fowler Sr. for Dougherty County coroner and recommend you vote for him on Tuesday.




EDITOR’S NOTE: Dr. Tibor Gyorfi and Dr. Deborah Trammell are with Albany Pathology Associates PC.