South Georgia doesn’t need new sales tax

I don’t live in your county, but what you are being asked to do will affect me very much. Not only me, but a lot of other people, not only in Colquitt county, but all of Southwest Georgia. This voting for the T-SPLOST tax. Remember it is a tax. A tax for 10 years. But have you ever seen a tax go away? The answer is no. There will always be something else come up where the leaders want more money. They are not afraid to use scare tactics. They go to school for that.

Now, Highway 133 does not need to be wider. It will have no affect on the Marine base. Highway U.S. 82 is four-laned and runs right behind the base. It goes to I-75 and beyond. Also, the base is serviced by the railroad.

How many of you actually use this road? Probably very few. Why are you being asked to pay for something you don’t use? If you have used it, did you have traffic problems?

Also, remember most property owners are being faced with a large tax increase. Do you need more taxes? Social Security, welfare and others that draw government pensions got a rate increase for the first time in three years. You, of all people, do not need a new tax.

No one knows the what the cost of Obamacare will be. Believe me, some way or another, you’ll be made to pay for it.

Farmers and others who purchase large equipment such as tractors, trucks will pay dearly. Hundreds, if not thousands, of acres of valuable land will come off the tax rolls. The property owners will have to make up this money.

Remember, it is a tax.