CMT network is calling all rednecks

Calling all proud, all-American, by-golly redneck families ... Your big chance to star in a CMT reality show may be just around the corner.

CMT and The Casting Firm are looking for a proud redneck family with a “black sheep” member who is embarrassed by his or her redneck roots to star in the fun-filled new show “Redneck Intervention.” Tom Arnold, who hosts the hit CMT series “My Big Redneck Wedding” and “My Big Redneck Vacation,” will bring the chosen family together with its renegade big-city relative for an unforgettable reunion.

“Tom and the crew will ‘kidnap’ the family member who left the roost and bring him back to his family for an intervention that promises to be an adventure,” Matthew Stravitz with The Casting Firm said of the show’s premise. “We know there are rednecks everywhere — I just finished talking with several in Washington state — but I’m from Atlanta originally, and I know there are plenty of proud rednecks in my home state.

“If anyone thinks their family qualifies for our latest reality series, they should send us an email as soon as possible.”

Stravitz said interested families may apply online at http://thecastingfirm.com/redneck-intervention/ or email castings@thecastingfirm.com. You may also email Stravitz directly at mscasting31@gmail.com.

“Filming of the show will cover three or four days, so interested families will not have to give up their lives to be a part of this,” Stravitz said. “All participants will be paid, and we’re also paying a .962$500 finder’s fee to anyone who refers a family to us that we use in the series.

All participants must be legal U.S. residents ... and be proud of their redneck heritage.