ELECTION 2012: Dougherty County Commission seat District 3 - Louise Primrose

ALBANY, Ga. — From retired nurse to civil servant, Louise Primrose has been a concerned citizen much of her adult life.

Primrose wouldn’t return calls or e-mails seeking comment on her race for District 3 County Commission. Some of her activities and involvement in the community can be pieced together, however, using newspaper reports, media accounts and public documents.

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For much of her life, Primrose has served in the health care field. A 1990 story in The Herald highlighted her for National Nurses’ day.

In that story, Primrose is mentioned as a nurse whose involvement in the health care industry goes back to the 1950s when she was hired by Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital to work in the dietary department.

Louise Primrose

Age: 72

Position sought: Dougherty County Commission District 3 seat

Occupation: Retired

Key Issues: Did not respond to interview requests

At the time the story was written, she was working on the hospital’s orthopedic floor.

Primrose has been a recipient of Phoebe’s Caring Hands award, and had passed along her love for the health care field on to her three daughters, each of whom were involved in the medical field.

Outside of health care, Primrose has been active in many facets of the community. Most notably, Primrose was on the Albany-Dougherty Governmental Consolidation Study Commission — the board who recommended advancing the consolidation process by forming a smaller charter commission to write a proposed unified document.

Primrose has also showed up recently at community hearings discussing the future of the Broad Avenue Bridge, advocating that it be made in to a bridge open to road traffic once more.

Primrose is running against Youth Coordinator Clinton Johnson for the District 3 seat which is currently held by Muarlean Edwards. Edwards is retiring from the County Commission this year to seek a State House seat.