ELECTION 2012: Dougherty County School Board at-large - Lane Price

ALBANY -- Dougherty County School Board at-large candidate Lane Price doesn't mince words when it comes to talking about the school system.

"We have no shortage of problems in our schools today," Price said. "We have fiscal shortfalls, unacceptable dropout rates, parents who aren't involved in their child's education and many kids whose lives are more about surviving than thriving."

She then took a swing at Dougherty County School Board Chair James Bush.

To read more about lane Price's opponent, Anita Williams-Brown, click here

"Today (Thursday), the chairman of the School Board, James Bush, publicly endorsed the incumbent, which tells me that Mr. Bush is satisfied with the current status of the School Board -- that he is satisfied with the 'same old, same old.'" said Price. "Well, I am not. I know our situation is complicated and our problems are significant. I want to bring a fresh perspective, an innovative approach, and wisdom born of a lifetime of experience, to the Dougherty County School Board."

Age: 70

Post Sought: Dougherty County School Board at-large seat

Occupation: Medical director, Willson Hospice House

Family: Husband, Julian. Children, Julian III, 47; Kimberly, 43; Lane, 29; Evan 28

Key Issues: DCSS budget and finances; system

accountability; increasing parental involvement

Price asserts that the school system is not handling the multiple crises facing the DCSS, in addition to managing a budget.

"We must stop responding to arising problems with kneejerk reactions and must end the constant crisis management," said Price. "We also need a plan for our budget instead of responding in crisis mode. Furlough days are not a solution, they are a reaction. We should expect that our future budgets are not going to increase anytime soon.

"Although we need to prepare a balanced budget, we may perhaps have tiered budget levels to allow us flexibility during the planning process. A line-itemed budget is the most precise way to view possible waste of funds and to safeguard from future discrepancies."

The political newcomer then zeroed in on the system's low graduation rate.

"It is shocking that we have a graduation rate of 56 percent and, sadly, about 500 students drop out of school each year," said Price. "We need to focus on our children's reading and math skills to make sure that they are keeping up with their grade level. We need parents to get involved in the schools and to make sure that their children are completing and understanding their schoolwork. I-Care, although a good tool, does not equate to parental involvement."

The bottom line, Price said, is that change is needed on the Board of Education.

"The atmosphere needs to change -- we need knowledge, planning, and accountability," said Price. "I know that Dougherty County Schools can be an environment of excellence."


Sister_Ruby 3 years ago

You have my vote, Ms. Price!! I will be PULLING THE DEMOCRAT BALLOT AT THE POLLS AND VOTING FOR LANE PRICE because we are at a crucial watershed moment in Dougherty County. We're like the passengers on the Titanic, most of us. Did we just hear something? Nah, go on back to sleep.......just keep playing those same old songs.........



Sister_Ruby 3 years ago

Here I am going in to place my vote for LANE PRICE!!


FryarTuk 3 years ago

CAPABLE, COMPETENT, HONEST, INDEPENDENT! CARING! Dougherty County Students deserve to be protected and provided with the educatin services possible. Her opponent is the opposite of Dr. Price.


chinaberry25 3 years ago

Yes, from what I have gleaned from reading is that Dr. Anita Williams-Brown is the instrument in hiring Dr. Murfree. If she was really concerned about the welfare of the child, he would have hit file 13 the first go round. Imagine, it took 3 years and tutors to get him past the state board tests. Imagine that anywhere else in the world. It is a cruel joke and the rest of the world is laughing at us. If you feel you must vote for a black person, find someone to run against Riggins. She is unopposed. Why is that?


Griff 3 years ago

I will be voting for her and anyone else who does not have an (I) by their name, locally anyway. But, with all due respect, I don't think Mrs. Price or anyone else can help at this point.


TheMember 3 years ago

Mrs. Williams-Brown don't you have something better to do, like make sound decisions for the DCSS, rather than disguise yourself as Citizen1?


billybob 3 years ago

Let's see... real doctor vs. fake doctor. I think I'll go with the real doctor.


doingwhatisright 3 years ago



AlbanyDad 3 years ago

A M.D vs a PHD or ED.D is still a Doctor!!! Wow some of you have NO knowledge when it comes to education. The statements being made are crazy.

I am a Price supporter but let's not give anyone something to talk about!!! Good grief Charlie Brown.


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