Dougherty County Jail Report - July 19-26, 2012

Photo by Jim Hendricks

Photo by Jim Hendricks

These are individuals who were booked into the Dougherty County Jail July 19-26, 2012. The listing includes name, date of booking, law enforcement agency, reason for booking, bond and date of release.

AGENCY KEY: APD, Albany Police Department; APrD, Albany Probation Department; ADDU, Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit; ASUPD, Albany State University Police Department; BPP, Board of Pardons & Paroles; DOC, Department of Corrections; DCPD, Dougherty County Police Department; DCSSPD, Dougherty County School System Police Department; DNR, Georgia Department of Natural Resources; DCSO, Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office; GSP, Georgia State Patrol; LCSO, Lee County Sheriff’s Office; USMS, U.S. Marshal Service.

Abney, Laurent;July 20; APD; red light;suspended driver’s license 1st offense;July 20;

Adkinson, Tyrone;July 25; DCSO; hold for other law enforcement;July 25;

Alex, Patrick Wayne;July 22; DCPD;battery (misdemeanor); cruelty to children-allowed to witness a felony/battery/family violence in the 3rd degree;simple battery;$1,000;terroristic threats and acts;$1,500;July 23;

Allen, Aliyah Janae;July 24; APD;probation violation (county);theft by shoplifting (misdemeanor);

Allen, Rico Sandtrail;July 25;APD;possession of an open container;probation violation (county);

Allen, Tasha Monique;July 22;DCSO;weekend prisoner (municpal court);July 23;

Anderson, Carman Loretta;July 24;DCSO;obstruction of officiers;$1,000;July 25;

Ashby, Jennifer Lovon;July 20;DCSO;state court intermittent sentence;July 21;

Atkins, Dontavius Dontae;July 23;DCSO;theft by deception - misdemeanor;$1,000;July 24;

Atkins, Marcus Rex;July 23;APD;suspended driver’s license 3rd offense;suspended vehicle registration;

Ball, Stanley Nathan;July 21;DCSO;driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs;$1,000;driving while license suspended or revoked;$1,000;stop/yield sign violation;$1,000;July 21;

Baltazar, Maria Juan;July 24;APD;duty-involving injury or death;failure to yield at stop sign;no driver’s license;July 25;

Barfield, Eugene Allen;July 21;APD;possession of an open container;July 21;

Barron, O’Shawn Alexander;July 25;APD;simple battery;$1,000;July 25;

Bishop, Katelyn Renee;July 23;DCSO;probation violation (county);

Bodiford, Jiquarius Uhuan;July 24;DCSO;civil contempt (child dupport);

Boyd, Alfred Bernard Iv;July 23;driving while license suspended or revoked;$1,000;July 23;

Braswell, Wayman Maurice;July 20;DCSO;superior court intermittent sentence;July 22;

Brown, Curtis Jerome III;July 25;APD;court order sentence;probation violation (municipal court);probation violations (state);

Brown, Lester Jr.;July 21;DCSO;parole violation;July 23;

Brown, Tracy Sr;July 21;APD;theft by taking - felony;

Bullock, Gabrielle Shamisch;July 20;APD;criminal tresspass;$1,000;July 20;

Byrd, Gregory;July 25;DCSO;probation violation (county);

Carter, Stanley Lamar;July 22;APD;criminal tresspass;

Castillo, Victor Josue;July 21;APD;driving under the influence of alcohol; DUI less safe;July 21;

Chaney, Derrick Tiant;July 22;DCSO;state court intermittent sentence;July 23;

Cheatham, Jerome David; July 20;APD;weekend prisoner (municpal court);July 22;

Childs, Rajan Ronnell;July 23;DCSO;probation violations (state);

Christian, Devonta Bernard; July 20; APD;theft by shoplifting (misdemeanor);$1,000;July 20;

Clark, Garlund Jevaughn; July 25;DCSO;probation violation (county);

Clark, John David;July 25; APD;four charges, child molestation;

Clark, Mareka Shantrell;July 20;DCSO;court order sentence;

Clark, Reggie Oniki Jr.; July 20;DCSO;contempt of court;July 24;

Clinton, Garmyle;July 21;ADDU;illegal sale/distribution/possession of dangerous drugs except in certain conditions;July 21;ADDU;two charges, drug trafficking within 1,000 feet of a public park/recreational facility/public facility - felony; drugs not in original containers - misdemeanor;possession and use of drug related objects; probation violations (state);sale/possession with intent to distribute/purchase marijuana;

Cobb, Jimmy Jamune;July 23;DCSO;probation violation (county);

Coleman, Kevin Patrick;July 24;DCSO;obstruction of officiers;probation violation (county);

Cooper, Jerry Clay;July 24;DCSO;probation violation (county);

Covin, Jerome C;July 23;ADDU;marijuana-possession of less than 1 oz.;$1,000;July 23;

Cowan, Cynthia Reese;July 21;APD;criminal tresspass;

Crawford, Jermaine Clinton; July 20;APD;obstruction of officiers;probation violation (county); two charges, simple battery;

Crews, Charles Lee;July 25; DCSO;probation violation (county);

Cribb, Lashanita N’Shear; July 21; ADDU; marijuana-possession of less than 1 oz.;$1,000;possession and use of drug related objects;$500;July 22;

Crocker, Joseph David;July 19;LCSO;hold for other law enforcement;probation violations (state);

Cross, Tashira Leann;July 25;DCSO;probation violation (county); Cunningham, Chad Nathaniel;July 21;APD; interfering with police;limits to sound volume by radio, tape player, etc.;suspended driver’s license 1st offense;July 21;

Curry, Kanesia Shondrica;July 25;APD;simple battery;$1,000;July 25;

Curry, Michael Sean Jr.;July 25;APD;simple battery;$1,000;July 25;

Cutley, Kelvin Sherrod;July 19;DCSO;weekend prisoner (municpal court);July 22;

Daniels, Cory Demon;July 25;DCSO;false statements/writings; concealment of facts;

Davenport, Robert;July 24;DCSO;weekend prisoner (municpal court);

Duke, Russell Eugene;July 21;GSP;driving under the influence of alcohol;improper lane change/driving on roadways for traffic;July 21;

Edwards, Deborah Gail; July 19; APD;criminal tresspass;$1,000; July 20;July 23;APD;two charges, criminal tresspass;

Emiarata, Sharon Deloris; uly 24;DCSO;probation violations (state);

Everette, Ralphaiel;July 19;APrD;probation violations (state);

Fletcher, Antonio Bernard; July 19;APD;probation violation (county);

Fletcher, Ricardo Sherrod;July 20;ADDU;illegal sale/distribution/possession of dangerous drugs except in certain conditions;two charges, drug trafficking within 1,000 feet of a public park/recreational facility/public facility - felony;drugs not in original container-misdemeanor;possession and use of drug related objects; probation violation (county); sale/possession with intent to distribute/purchase marijuana;

Fluker, Andre Devane;July 24;DCSO;probation violations (state);

Fransico, Alonzo;July 21;APD;simple battery;$1,000

Fredericks, Eric Steven;July 21;APD;interfering with an emergency call for help;off bond;simple battery;

Fulse, Daniel Thomas;July 20;BPP;parole violation;

Fulse, Domonique Alexandria;July 19;APD;theft by shoplifting (misdemeanor);July 22;

Fulse, Eric Bernard;July 23;DCSO;state court sentence;

Futch, Johnathan Roy;July 25;APD;following too closely;suspended driver’s license 1st offense;July 25;

Garcia-Sauza, Victor;July 20;DCPD;driving without a valid license-misdemeanor;$500;seat belt required;$100;July 24;

Garner, Stephanie Lashondra;July 19;DCSO;weekend prisoner (municpal court);July 20;

Gibson, Jonathan;July 21;APD;weekend prisoner (municpal court);July 22;

Gleaton, Richard Lee;July 21;DCSO;probation violations (state);

Goforth, Ashley Brooke;July 26;DCPD;battery (misdemeanor);

Green, Adrian Bernard;July 20;DCSO;weekend prisoner (municpal court);July 22;

Green, Golonza Shanta;July 23;DCSO;probation violations (state);

Green, Mcauthur;July 20; DCPD;driving while license suspended or revoked;$1,000;July 21;

Green, Samuel Kodi;July 20;APD;hold for other law enforcement; possession of marijuana (1oz 1st offense);July 23;

Grizzard, Darrell Clayton;July 26;APD;possession of an open container;

Hale, Cassie Daleia;July 20;ADDU;possession and use of drug related objects;$1,500;July 21;

Hamilton, Warner James; July 20;DCSO;state court intermittent sentence;July 22;

Hardin, Jackson Aubry; July 22;DNR;open vessel without lights during darkness;$250;operation of watercraft under the influence;$500;July 23;

Harper, Brian Thomas;July 23;DCSO;loitering/prowling; $1,000;July 23;

Harper, Sebrika Monique;July 21;APDI;improper lane usage (no passing zone);suspended driver’s license 1st offense;July 21;

Harris, Brian Tramont;July 24;APD;interfering with police;seat belts required;suspended driver’s license 1st offense;July 24;

Harris, Christopher Anthony;July 25;DCSO;probation violation (county);

Harris, Herbert Lee;July 23;DCSO;probation violations (state);

Harris, Sedequea Minyun;July 23;APD;suspended driver’s license 1st offense;suspended vehicle registration;July 23;

Harvey, Ericka Lynette;July 19;APD;battery (misdemeanor);$2,000;July 19;

Hayes, Sinjin Lee;July 22;DCPD;expired tag;$200;marijuana-possession of less than 1 oz.;$1,000;speeding (16-20);$100;July 23;

Heath, Gary Michael Jr.;July 22;GSP;driving under the influence of alcohol;improper lane change/driving on roadways for traffic;possession of an open container;suspended driver’s license 2nd offense;July 22;

Hightower, Kanisha Latoya;July 23;APD;terroristic threats and acts;$5,000;July 24;

Hines, Janelle Le’Dawn;July 22;APD;aggravated assault;

Hodge, Calvin Vann; July 25; APD;battery (misdemeanor);

Holcombe, Joshua James; July 19;DCPD;marijuana-possession of less than 1 oz.; $1,000;July 21;

Holmes, Donte Ellis;July 25;APrD;probation violations (state);

Holt, Solomon Christopher; July 21;APD;battery (misdemeanor);two charges, contempt of court;interfering with police;four charges, terroristic threats and acts;

Houston, Reginald;July 25; DCSO; theft by deception - misdemeanor;

Howard, Martavious Calvin; July 26;DCPD;battery (misdemeanor);

Hunt, Montavious Demont; July 25;APD;burglary;

Hunter, Brandon Trey;July 25;APD;court order sentence;

Isaac, Thomas Lamar;July 21;APD;contempt of court;July 21;

Jackson, Donnie Boyed Jr.;July 25;APD;hold for other law enforcement;July 26;

Jackson, Kuanatika Latoya; July 23; DCSO;battery (misdemeanor);$1,000;theft by taking - misdemeanor; $1,000; July 23;

Jackson, Rashad Bernard; July 21;APD;no insurance 1st offsense;suspended driver’s license 1st offense; suspended vehicle registration;July 23;

Jackson, Roosevelt Jr.;July 24;DCSO;probation violations (state);

Jackson, Tillman Jr.;July 22;APD;expired vehicle tag;no insurance 3rd offense;stop signs/yield signs;suspended driver’s license 1st offense;July 22;

James, Colvie Jarrell;July 22;APD;disorderly conduct, general;July 24;

Jefferson, Shontavia Denise;July 19;APD;seat belts required;suspended driver’s license 1st offense;July 21;

Jenkins, Brandon Bernardo; July 20;APrD; probation violations (state);July 23;

Jenkins, Emil Jerod;July 25;APD;criminal tresspass;

Jimmerson, Christopher Todd;July 24;DCSO;criminal tresspass;$1,000;simple battery; $1,500;July 24;

Johnson, Christopher Garrett;July 20;APD;probation violations (state);

Johnson, Michael Jerome; July 19;DCSO;probation violation (county);probation violations (state);

Johnson, Tykessie Randre; July 20;APD;forgery 1st degree;hold for other law enforcement;probation violation (county);

Johnson, Walter Lashawn;July 22;APD;simple battery;$1,000;July 22;

Jones, Alonzo Devorl;July 19;DCSO;weekend prisoner (municpal court);July 22;

Jones, Brandon Terrell;July 21;APD;limits to sound volume by radio, tape player, etc.;suspended driver’s license 1st offense;July 23;

Jones, James III;July 23;DCSO;state court intermittent sentence;July 25;

Jones, Jasmyne Jakieus;July 25;DCSO;probation violation (county);

Jones, Kamico Dreshaun; July 19; APD; possession/consumption of alcohol by a minor;July 20;

Jones, Kenterro Devoski; July 21;DCSO;state court intermittent sentence;July 23;

Jones, Kevin Maurice;July 19;APD;theft by conversion-misdemeanor;$1,000;July 20;

Jones, Latravious Ramesho; July 19;DCSO; weekend prisoner (municpal court);July 21;

Jones, Michelle Middleton; July 25;APD; theft by shoplifting (misdemeanor); $1,000;July 25;

Jones, Toronto Rico Jr.;July 19;ADDU;manufacture/sell/dispense/distribution;probation violations (state);

Jordan, Anthony Bernard Jr.;July 19;APD;contempt of court;July 21;

Jordan, Michael;July 20; APD; probation violation (county); probation violations (state);

Kegler, Armondez Ramon; July 20;APD;theft by receiving stolen property-felony; $1,000;July 24;

Keith, Brian Lanier;July 25;DCSO;state court intermittent sentence;

Kennedy, Douglas Leon;July 25;APD;possession of an open container;

Knight, Brooks Reid;July 22;DCPD;driving while license suspended or revoked; $1,000; speeding (16-20);$100;July 22;

Lassiter, Justin Tyler;July 20;DCPD;driving while license suspended or revoked; $1,000; seat belt required;$100;July 20;

Lofton, Maurice Demario; July 22;DCSO;parole violation;

Lopez, Brianna Jenyse;July 22;APD;disorderly conduct, general; July 22;

Lyles, Kenneth Barnard;July 24;APD;contempt of court;no insurance 1st offsense;suspended driver’s license 1st offense; suspended vehicle registration;

Mackens, Brandon Tocorra;July 20;ADDU;illegal sale/distribution/possession of dangerous drugs except in certain conditions;two charges, drug trafficking within 1,000 feet of a public park/recreational facility/public facility - felony; drugs not in original container-misdemeanor;possession and use of drug related objects; sale/possession with intent to distribute/purchase marijuana;

Mainor, Nickalus Shonta;July 20;DCSO;weekend prisoner (municpal court);July 21;

Mango, Melvin James;July 24;DCSO;probation violation (county);

Maples, James Ellis;July 20;DCPD;failure to appear-misdemeanor;

Marks, David Paul;July 20;APD;terroristic threats and acts;$10,000;July 23;

Marshall, Tiffany Keshun;July 20;DCSO;weekend prisoner (municpal court);July 22;

Mashburn, Michael Scott;July 22;APD;disorderly conduct, general;July 22;

Mason, Joshua;July 26;APD;loitering/prowling;

Mcclenton, Horace;July 25;DCSO;probation violations (state);

Mcdaniel, Lorenzo Marvin Jr.;July 19;APD;contempt of court;July 19;

Mcduffie, Cameron Lamar;July 24;DCSO;weekend prisoner (municpal court);July 25;

Meier, Tramayne Rashonn;July 26;DCPD;driving while license suspended or revoked;$1,000;July 26;

Milledge, Percy James;July 25;APD;possession of an open container;July 26;

Mingo, Ellis Lamar;July 25;APD;suspended driver’s license 1st offense;

Moore, Erik Micah;July 24;DCSO;probation violation (county);July 24;

Morales, Adder Melindez;July 22;DCSO;battery-family violence;battery/simple battery-family violence;$2,000;July 24;

Morgan, Latoya Sheronda;July 23;DCSO; probation violation (county);

Morman, Eric Eugene;July 25;APD;court order sentence;

Morman, Ronald Stephen;July 20;APD;weekend prisoner (municpal court);July 22;

Neeley, Marjorie Ann;July 24;APD;theft by shoplifting (misdemeanor);$1,000;July 25;

Nunlee, Latina Mccray;July 22;APD;disorderly conduct, general;July 22;

Ousley, Ricky;July 22;APD; disorderly conduct, general;July 23;

Owens, Endrica Shontae; July 20;APD;suspended driver’s license 1st offense;suspended vehicle registration;July 20;

Owens, Joni Mae;July 23;APD;theft by shoplifting (misdemeanor); $1,000;July 23;

Parks, Linda Anne;July 24;DCSO;simple assault;$1,000;July 25;

Parris, Khadijah Nicole;July 25;APD;disorderly conduct, general;July 25;

Paulk, Gregory Bennard;July 19;DCSO;parole violation;

Phelps, Timothy Dale;July 20;DCSO;state court intermittent sentence;July 22;July 22;civil contempt (child dupport);July 23;

Pickett, Cordarius Marquail;July 19;DCSO;court order sentence;

Pitts, Brittney Nicole;July 19;APD;disorderly conduct, general;July 19;

Pope, Jerome Tyrone;July 23;DCSO;failure to appear-felony;

Porter, William Clyde;July 23;APD;court order sentence; pedestrians soliciting rides or business;

Porter, Wontavious Montrell;July 22;DCSO;simple battery;$1,000;July 24;

Pratt, Tremaine Decorleone; July 20;APD ;probation violation (county);

Prince, Rashawn Jamal;July 19;APrD;probation violations (state);

Quartimon, Charles Lee; July 19;APD;expired vehicle tag;interfering with police; suspended driver’s license 1st offense;July 21;

Reese, James Abner;July 24;APrD;parole violation;

Richardson, Gabriel Clark;July 23;DCPD; contributing to delinquency of minor-misdemeanor;$1,000;driving too fast for conditions; $1,000; accident resulting in injury/death;$1,000;false statements/writings; concealment of facts;$1,000;two chrages, furnishing/selling alcohol to minors;improper lane usage; $1,000;obstruction of officiers;$1,000;two charges, possession/consumption/purchase of alcohol by a minor;$1,000;reckless conduct;$1,000;serious injury by vehicle;$5,000;July 24;

Richardson, Stephanie H;July 23;DCPD;false statements/writings; concealment of facts;$1,500;obstruction of officiers;$1,000;reckless conduct;$1,000;July 23;

Ricks, Tobias Patrick;July 19;DCSO;probation violations (state);July 24;

Rivers, David Jr.;July 20;DCSO;state court intermittent sentence;July 22;

Robinson, Merissa Wrandle;July 24;DCSO;criminal tresspass;$1,000;July 24;

Robinson, Nayvoski;July 26;APD;contempt of court;no insurance 1st offsense;operating unsafe or improperly equipped vehicle;suspended driver’s license 1st offense;July 26;

Robinson, Sharon;July 24;DCSO;simple battery; $1,000;July 25;

Rogers, Ernest;July 25; USMS; housed for feds;

Ross, Shatoyia Atia;July 21;APD;criminal tresspass;$1,000;July 21;

Rouse, Carrie Lean;July 25;DCPD;reckless driving; $1,000; theft by shoplifting (misdemeanor);$1,000;July 25;

Sanchez, Michael Anthony;July 19;APD ;theft by conversion-misdemeanor; $1,000;July 20;

Scott, Bruce;July 23; APD; burglary;two charges, forgery - 4th degree;theft by deception - misdemeanor;

Scott, Jason Durrell;July 21;DNR;littering/depositing/dumping trash;$200;operation of watercraft under the influence;$500;July 21;

Scriven, Jessica Frances;July 22;ADDU;four charges, illegal sale/distribution/possession of dangerous drugs except in certain conditions;$500;four charges, drugs not in original container-misdemeanor; $500;possession of a schedule i controlled substance;$5,000;July 24;

Session, Larry James;July 20;APD;simple battery;$1,000;July 24;

Shewmake, Kristine Elizabeth; July 21; DCSO; burglary; $5,000;July 25;

Slappy, Timothy Tyrone;July 22;APD;pedestrians soliciting rides or business;

Smith, Justin Deion;July 20;APD;weekend prisoner (municpal court);July 22;

Stamper, Charles Vernon Jr.;July 25;APD;possession of an open container;stop signs/yield signs;suspended driver’s license 1st offense;July 26;

Stevens, Nijal Earl Jonte; July 26; APD;loitering/prowling;

Stevenson, Jasmine Zenae;July 22;APD;disorderly conduct, general;July 22;

Stokes, Charles Lewis;July 20;DCSO;state court intermittent sentence;July 22;

Stovall, Mark;July 20; APD; weekend prisoner (municpal court);July 22;

Strawder, Jacob Jr.;July 21;APD;criminal tresspass; simple battery;

Swan, Tavareo Lamont;July 20;GSP;no insurance (2nd offense);probation violation (county);suspended/revoked license (2nd offense);

Thomas, Javarus Sentell;July 20;DCPD;criminal tresspass;$1,000;July 21;

Thomas, Jerstacia Evette;July 22;APD;suspended driver’s license 2nd offense;

Thomas, Lisa Marie;July 23;APD;disorderly conduct, general;July 23;

Thomas, Robert James Jr.;July 20;APD;weekend prisoner (municpal court);July 21;

Thomas, Tony Mardarius;July 23; DCSO; probation violation (municipal court);

Thomas, Willie James;July 19;DCPD;driving under the influence of alcohol; $2,000;improper lane usage;$100;leaving the scene-static object;$200;July 19;

Thomas, Willie Lewellyn Jr.;July 19;APrD;probation violations (state);July 22;

Thompson, Terrance Ramon;July 24;DCSO;probation violations (state);

Thrower, Uniquia Brittecia;July 20;DCSO;criminal tresspass;$1,000;simple battery;$1,000;July 20;

Tift, Jamal Oneal;July 20;APD;battery (misdemeanor);$1,000;obstruction of officiers;-felony;$5,000;July 23;Tucker, Matthew Cory;July 20;ADDU;hold for other law enforcement;possession and use of drug related objects;probation violation (county);

Walden, Rodricaus Quintrez;July 23;DCSO;probation violations (state);

Walker, Leonard Charles;July 19;APD;contempt of court;July 21;

Walker, Rontavious J;July 23;DCSO;civil contempt (child dupport);

Wallace, De’Angelo Montrez;July 25;APD;contempt of court;

Ward, Ta’Liscia Renolda;July 20;APD;court order sentence;July 21;

Ware, Yolanda Verella;July 20;DCSO;state court intermittent sentence;July 21;

Warren, Andrea Therese;July 25;APD;suspended driver’s license 1st offense;July 25;

Warren, Narvez Emmanuel;July 25;APD;contempt of court;criminal damage to property 2nd degree;unlawful employment/association with a street gang - felony;

Watts, Timothy Eric;July 23;DCPD;expired tag;$200;suspended or revoked driver’s license 3rd offense;$2,500;July 24;

Webb, Russell Paul;July 23;GSP;driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs;$1,000;driver in possession of an open container of alcohol;$500;July 24;

White, Jimmy Lee;July 20;APD;weekend prisoner (municpal court);July 22;

White, Quatavius R;July 23;APD;four charges, aggravated assault;possession of a firearm/knife during a crime/attempted crime;

Wiley, Joseph Earl Jr.;July 20;DCSO;superior court intermittent sentence;July 22;

Williams, Brittney Fredricka;July 23;APD; contempt of court;July 24;

Williams, Frankie Carl;July 24;APrD;probation violations (state);

Williams, Melvin Lee Jr.;July 20;APD;weekend prisoner (municpal court); July 23;

Williams, Nicole;July 25; APD; suspended driver’s license 1st offense;July 25;

Williams, Ryan Andrew;July 20;APD;suspended driver’s license 1st offense;taillight requirements; July 20;

Willis, Jabralto Shambri;July 23;APrD;probation violations (state);

Wilson, Charles Maurice;July 19;APD;criminal damage to property 2nd degree; criminal tresspass;robbery by snatching;

Wilson, Steven Michael;July 21; DCSO;state court intermittent sentence;July 22;

Wingfield, Brian Jonathan; July 21; DCSO; probation violation (county);July 24;

Wood, Donald Arthur Jr.; July 20; DCPD;driving while license suspended or revoked;$1,000;speeding (16-20);$100;July 20;

Wright, Eric Wesley;July 20; APD;weekend prisoner (municpal court);July 21;


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