ELECTION 2012: State Representative Seat - Muarlean Edwards

ALBANY, Ga. — Muarlean Edwards feels she is called to serve, a concept she has framed much of her adult life around.

Whether its working to make sure that truant kids are in school getting an education or helping the elderly obtain vital documents through the court system, Edwards is actively involved in the lives of many in Dougherty County.

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Edwards, who will complete her only term on the Dougherty County Commission at the end of the year, said she decided to run for the District 153 seat in the Georgia House of Representatives because that representation is vitally important to the people of Dougherty County.

Muarlean Edwards

Age: 70

Position sought: State representative, District 153

Political experience: Dougherty County commissioner, District 3, 2007-present

Occupation: Retired

Key issues: Truancy; health care costs; property tax reduction; employment; assisting veterans

Asked why she felt she was needed in Atlanta, Edwards said that she’d be willing to stand up to Gov. Nathan Deal and his Republican agenda for the sake of the people of Albany.

“Gov. Deal has already got the message Muarlean is coming,” Edwards said. “While I’m willing to work with just about anyone for the people of this district, I’m not the type to just go along.”

That seat has come with a unique set of challenges given that it’s the only commission district that lies wholly within the city of Albany. Edwards was elected to a four-year term in 2008 after being appointed in 2007 to fill the unexpired term of former Commissioner Brenda Robinson Cutler. It was her first forway into public office.

As a commissioner, she has worked in a partnership with the Dougherty County School System and Albany State University that is known as Project SHIELD, developing a pilot program for Turner Elementary School on ways to combat truancy. In 2010, project SHIELD surveyed 100 Dougherty County Jail inmates ages 18-62 and found that 99 of the surveyed inmates had a common history — truancy.

“Truancy was a kindergarten for crime,” Edwards said, adding that tardiness to school also cheats children out of valuable class time. “They must be there on time,” she said.

Edwards wants to see parents held accountable for their children’s school attendance, but notes that the responsibility often falls on grandparents who have raise children whose parents are absent, frequently because they have gotten into the prison system.


Sister_Ruby 3 years ago

Basically I would revise the Headline thusly: "Edwards's Campaign Based on a Multitude of Various Kinds of Dopey Hats".

And I'm quite sure that Gov. Deal has frequently pissed his pants in terror as he considers of the frightening eventuality that Muuaarrrxxxxxx Edwards will be coming to Atlanta to the State Legislature. That's why he's running from the possible street name "Nathan Yella Draws".

Wait a minute while I clean out my wading boots which have just been over-run with stanky brown sludge.


beartrap 3 years ago

the "apple doesn't fall from the tree"....her son is a convicted felon and daughter about to become one so the "tree with dumb hat" ain't looking too good on advising anybody on how to raise kids....


FryarTuk 3 years ago

Now, Sister, Muarlean's hats are kind of fun. They will sure let you know she's in the crowd. Muarlean, I hope you stay in Albany working with children and families on school attendance. Lord knows they need it. I sure agree with you that truancy is a precursor for crime. I also want you to know that Albany doesn't need a fight with Nathan Deal or anyone in the legislature. Albany State University, Albany Technical College, DCSS, Darton State University does not need to signal a tornado is coming. You should know the Democratic Party is very ably led by a sharp leader named Stacey Abrams, she and Albany need someone to bring able participation not a parade of bonnets or a fist fight. Your comments concern me in that you seem to be promoting yourself as the agenda when you are not. As a representative you would become the agent of our community. Your comments clearly show you want to be the center of your work and frankly that is not what Albany needs. Good luck next year on working on truancy. If you have your standard up somewhere, I will be glad to follow.


Progressive 3 years ago

Fryar, you are very perceptive in your views on M Edwards being all about herself. I have spoken with her several times, and in my humble opinion, she is not qualified to be a State Rep. Not even close.


ObjectiveEyes 3 years ago

Soooo, you needed a survey of DOCO inmates to understand that truancy is bad? (not to mention the cost of such an asinine survey) Really? Anyone with walk-around-sense knows that without putting much thought to it. Question is...what have you done about it? Have the truancy rates improved under your tutelage? One term on a disfunctional Commission and now she's qualified to serve in the State legislature? OoooooKkkkkk


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