Lee voters should give Rachals new term

When Lee County voters go to the polls to vote Tuesday, they should consider the character of the candidates running for office. If they do, they will certainly vote to keep Reggie Rachals as their sheriff. Sheriff Rachals has served the people of Lee County in an ethical and trustworthy manner, and he has conducted himself with professionalism, even while his opponent has chosen to run a campaign based on name-calling, slander, mudslinging and false accusations.

The citizens of this county know very well all the accomplishments the Lee Sheriff’s Department is responsible for during Sheriff Rachals’ four years in office. He is the kind of man whose integrity and honesty are without question, and he has proven himself in office. We need to keep Lee County safe and return Reggie Rachals to the Sheriff’s office.




FryarTuk 1 year, 8 months ago

No one has denied that he hired his family members and tossed a fencing contract to an in-law. The challenge has been put that he prove it was in keeping with normative hiring competition and fair bidding and it has not been answered. So much for the "ethical and trustworthy manner" babble.


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