Why replace official who is effective?

The big question I think Lee County citizens must ask themselves Tuesday is why would we even consider replacing a public official who has done their job as well as Sheriff Reggie Rachals? He has established programs that have made the county safer, from his highway safety program, to an improved neighborhood watch program, to his well-attended ladies’ firearm and safety classes, to implementing two certified canine units, to re-establishing strong working relationships with area, state and federal agencies that had been allowed to deteriorate under the previous sheriff.

Sheriff Rachals and his department have used seized drug funds to purchase needed equipment, have interacted with school-age children to discuss the dangers of bullying, drugs, and alcohol, and the department has saved the county money by allowing the use of inmate labor.

Those are just a few of Reggie Rachals’ accomplishments during his first four years in office. His opponent, on the other hand, has done nothing to show he’s capable of holding office, spending the entire campaign slinging mud and slandering Sheriff Rachals, his department and even his family.

I think the choice is clear Tuesday. Lee County must vote to keep Reggie Rachals our sheriff.




FryarTuk 2 years, 2 months ago

Listen, keep the guy if you choose but you are going to have to monitor the man's ethical and possibly legal management of resources. Don't let a good sherff go bad.


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