Darrisaw has experience for State Court bench

We are blessed in Dougherty County to have two ethical young attorneys vying for the position of State Court judge. If they are both ethically qualified, what is the basis for a choice between Christopher Warren and Victoria Darrisaw for State Court judge?

The question is easily answered. Victoria Darrisaw is the only candidate with judicial experience. She has worked within the State Court of Dougherty County under retiring Judge John Salter. She has put in the time necessary to learn the ropes and deserves an opportunity to step up to the next level of her judicial service to Dougherty County. While Mr. Warren is a fine young attorney, he has no judicial experience.

The State Court of Dougherty County has a long history of excellent jurists, from the late Rosser Malone to Herbert Phipps, who currently serves on the Georgia Court of Appeals with distinction, down to our present judge, retiring Judge John Salter. We need another experienced judge to continue that tradition of excellence. Dougherty County ought to elect Victoria Darrisaw the next judge of the State Court of Dougherty County.

Based on my 36 years of experience with this court, I will cast my vote for Victoria. Please join me in electing Victoria Darrisaw our next State Court judge.



EDITOR'S NOTE; Alfred N. Corriere is a partner in the Vansant & Corriere LLC law firm.