Fowler wins race for Dougherty coroner



ALBANY, Ga. — Michael Fowler stretched a close lead as the late precincts came in to win the race for Dougherty County coroner.

With all but provisional ballots counted, unofficial results late Tuesday showed Fowler with 7,739 votes, or 52.2 percent, to Coroner Emma Quimbley’s 7,077 votes.

Fowler’s supporters at his 1118 W. Broad Ave. campaign office sat quietly in anticipation of the final results. One, Calvin Blake, said around 9 p.m. that he knew the race was close, but predicted Fowler would win.

“I’m an optimist and trying to be realistic,” Blake said. “We know it is close, but I think it will go to Michael (Fowler) because he is the best one for the job. All the people voted for the best person for the job.”

Quimbley is completing her second four-year term as coroner. She was not available for comment Tuesday.