Man continues to erode word of God

Page Two thinks Fletcher is entitled to his opinion as I am mine. Fletcher asks, "What are you afraid of?" I would like to ask Fletcher how many different places in the Bible it mentions "fearing God"? Did you read any of them? I heard a man say, "I don't hate the people, I just hate their lifestyle." Apparently Fletcher is about the Bible as politicians are about the Constitution -- ignore it, or change it to suit one's self. As for your question, "Who are you to render value judgment on the way others chose to live their lives," I'm not, as I don't care what they do, but Jesus does! And as for someone telling you that you can't do something anymore, it's called obeying the law. Do you ignore it and keep running the red light?

Levititicus 20:13 is pretty explicit and it's not an option. It's called "an abomination" and calls for death. And as for you telling people to "read Bible verses other than the ones that fit so neatly into their personal comfort zones," maybe you need to read Bible verses and practice what they instruct rather than justifying disobeying God's word.

As our government continues to erode the cornerstones of our Constitution, so does man continue the assault on the Word of God, falsely thinking that when Judgment Day comes it is He who must understand. When you ask Jesus to enter heaven and he tells you to go to hell, what shall be your reply? As for me, I fear the Lord. More later from Page Two.