A Young Soldier's Letter From Heaven

Written in memory of Lance Cpl. Steve Sutton of Leesburg.

I was just a young Boy in a foreign land,

Trying to be a Man and not back down.

I put on a front so no one would know,

I am scared as Hell, but I can't let it show.

I write home to Mama, I say your boy is fine.

But Mama knows better, she can read between the lines.

Today Mama got a letter she did not want.

It read, your son was killed in action, and we are sending him home.

Mama's boy is gone.

He was a young Man,

Doing what he had to do in that foreign land.

God Bless Mama, God Bless her Soul.

Mama's little boy was barely twenty years old.

God Bless the little boy who became a Man on that sad day in that foreign land.

On that day, I became a Hero, I became a Man.

I fought for what I believed in to save our Great Land!

Signed by a young Soldier

P.S. When you read this letter, God will have called me Home. I am now in Heaven: It's a Beautiful place. My Last Prayer Is God Bless The U.S.A.