Democrats' 'cures' for U.S. have fallen flat

Ms. Mathis stated, "If the Republicans are elected, we will have war right here in our United States." (In My View letter, "Republicans have no plans to fix the mess," by Nadine Mathis, May 31.)

You, Ms. Mathis, have created a threat by insinuating that if the American people do not re-elect Obama that the Democrats will initiate war. Are you really that backward? Because of your statement alone, I will now purchase a handgun and defend my family from the likes of you.

You are correct that we (the American taxpayers) are fed up with the welfare system, grants for schooling, food stamps, subsidized housing and subsidized utilities. Just where does it say that I must support irresponsible behavior? ... Whatever happened to self reliance? An honest day's work?

If you think that Obama has done a good job, why has the national debt risen by $5 trillion? Why has Obama filled numerous posts with socialists? Why were the banks bailed out, only to give the bankers and Wall Street brokers millions of dollars in bonuses? What about Solyndra or other boondoggles?