Tharpe sentenced to 12 years for crime

Charles Lamon Tharpe

Charles Lamon Tharpe

ALBANY — Charles Lamon Tharpe was sentenced Friday to serve at least 12 years of a maximum 15 years on each of 22 counts by Superior Court Judge Tracy Moulton. The sentences are to run concurrently. Tharpe was also sentenced to five years to run concurrently for violation of his oath as a Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office deputy.

Tharpe was fired from the sheriff’s office when he was indicted for stealing Dougherty County Jail inmate information, such as dates of birth and Social Security numbers. Tharpe offered the information in exchange for sexual favors and cash to a woman who was cooperating with the investigation. Prosecutors say the information could have been used for identity fraud schemes that would have hurt businesses.


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