Don’t be blinded by the light

On a recent ride home down a dark back road, the kind where you have to use your bright lights, I noticed an interesting phenomenon.

When I turned on the bright lights of my car, what seemed like hundreds of insects swarmed toward the light and consequently ended their lives by splattering onto the windshield and all over the front bumper.

It looked sort of scary in one moment, and sort of funny in the next. I thought “Nooo, don’t go into the light!”

I was aware that certain flying insects are attracted to light, but I had wondered why they did not seem able to distinguish between natural light, such as from the moon or sun, and light from a headlight or street lamp.

The bugs seemed so enthralled by the light that they just flew to their untimely demise.

Are we humans not sometimes guilty of this also?

We become so fixated on our goals, our personal successes that we do not take the time to distinguish between what is for us and what is not. We have our eyes set on reaching a certain place in life that we forget to engage our greatest navigational system-our mind.

Many times we fail to think things through:

“I know this is the job opportunity I want, but is this company the right fit for me?”

“I have to earn my degree soon, but which school’s program is best suited for me?”

“I want a career in this field; what are the ways I can gain access to it?”

“I want to be married and have children; is he/she the one and is the time right for me?”

“I have a great business idea, but what are the costs and/or risks involved?”

“I want to purchase a home, but do I plan on staying put for at least five years?”

I believe that it is important to go toward your goals with clear and sound judgment in the decisions you will likely have to make along the journey. Avoid diving right into a situation, even if it is dressed up like the person, opportunity or big break you’ve been working toward.

Part of a theory for the reason some flying insects often swarm headlights of vehicles and lamp posts on the street is that they confuse the light source for the moon or the sun. This almost always leads to a bleak outcome. Just look at your windshield and the front of your car after a drive at night.

Whether personal or professional, caution should be taken whenever you are ambitious and driven, ready and willing.

In the dark, you have to rely on instinct and/or on faith, but when things began to illuminate, we can become confused by the brilliance of the light. Make sure that you are not confusing the light source of that person, opportunity, or big break. Don’t dive to the death of your hopes, dreams, and all the progress you have made on your journey thus far.

Stay thoughtful about your process and don’t abandon faith for some illuminated opportunity. Instead, utilize your faith and be guided to the right opportunity. Sometimes our vision is better in the dark.

Be encouraged.

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coachjohnson42 3 years, 5 months ago

Very interesting ...and well written...Good job!


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