Police officers have an interesting lot

Your friends and family think you should look the other way if they break the law, but Lord help you if you don't arrest someone they have a grudge against. You will get calls in the middle of the night from a neighbor who won't even speak to you normally. Your third cousin's friend will wonder why you didn't just write them a warning instead of a ticket. After all, you wouldn't have done that to your third cousin.

You will suffer verbal abuse from the one you are trying to protect in a domestic, or in some cases physical, assault. People want to know why you didn't shoot that individual that shot at you. Never understanding the rules and human nature that cover return fire.

Then in some cases, there is the fact that you have to run for re-election every four years, and if your boss isn't re-elected, you could lose your job.

If your position is appointed, you have to be politically correct in your enforcement. Lord help you if you catch the mayor DUI. There will be some reason your contract won't be renewed after that.

So, to police officers everywhere, your lot is an interesting one. However, you did take an oath you are supposed to uphold. That is what I personally expect from all of you. Thanks for committing your life to make things better for those you serve.