Woman uninjured after accident at Sylvester post office

SYLVESTER -- Officials with the Sylvester Police Department say a woman was uninjured after a medical issue caused her to run into a brick column at a local post office.

Sgt. Doug Brooks with the Sylvester Police Department said the woman was pulling into a parking spot when her leg went numb, leaving her unable to step on the brake. Because of the medical issue, she ended up running into a column of bricks at the post office located on Hardy Street just after 11 a.m. Monday, Brooks said.

The impact jarred several of the bricks. There was damage to the woman's car, as well as damage to the vehicle parked beside her. The driver, identified as Sylvia Daniels, was not injured. Emergency medical technicians came to the scene but did not take her to the hospital, Brooks said.

Brooks was unable to give Daniels' exact age but did say she was born in 1945. No charges are expected to be filed, Brooks said.