Animal control saves two dogs, third is put down

ALBANY, Ga. -- According to inhumane treatment reports filed by Animal Control agents, two dogs were saved from cruel conditions and a third was put down.

The reports stated that agents found two dogs at 2320 Hemlock Drive that needed to be rescued. A panting pit bull was in direct sunlight without shelter with "lots of feces" in his cage. A brown Chihuahua was under a shed.

Agents gave warnings to Naomi Powell and left. They circled back two hours later and found the animals were not moved to shade or shelter. The dogs were taken to the Albany Humane Society.

Agents found a brown chow mix female in the middle of the 1000 block of Jordan Street. The dog had a rope around its neck under a piece of raggedy blue sweater. The rope cut into the dogs neck. It had no tag and was taken to be put down.


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