Police/Fire/EMS for June 23, 2012

ALBANY — Albany police responded to at least 59 incidents Thursday into the early hours of Friday, according to available reports. Police responded to incidents including:

— Thefts by taking on the 800 block of Corn Avenue, the 2400 block of Jewel Street, the 700 block of Eighth Avenue, the 600 block of Johnson Road, the 700 block of West First Avenue and the 2400 block of Brierwood Drive;

— Recovered property on the 200 block of Whitehead Drive;

— Recovered contraband and property from an Albany Police Department patrol car at the Law Enforcement Center on the 200 block of West Oglethorpe Boulevard. Stuffed under the rear seat, an officer starting a morning shift found a glass crack pipe and in the trunk a bag with women’s clothes, toiletries and cash.

— Identity fraud on the 2200 block of Friar Tuck Lane;

— Disorderly conduct on the 100 block of North Magnolia Street and the 1000 block of Holloway Avenue;

— Forgery on the 2500 block of North Slappey Boulevard;

— Burglaries on the 100 block of Marie Road, the 1500 block of West Second Avenue, the 1100 block of Ninth Avenue and the 1200 block of Kingston Court;

— Entering autos on the 1300 block of Gillespie Road, the 1200 block of West Broad Avenue, the 1200 block of Kingston Court, the 1100 block of Ninth Avenue and the 300 block of South Slappey Boulevard;

— Deceased person on the 2300 block of North Davis Street;

— Assaults (domestic) on the 700 block of Whitney Avenue and the 300 block of Flintside Drive;

— Armed robbery (domestic) on the 800 block of West Gordon Avenue;

— Domestic disturbance on the 2400 block of Nottingham Way.

DOUGHERTY POLICE: Dougherty County Police responded to at least 14 calls Thursday, according to reports. Police responded to incidents including:

— Battery (domestic) on the 4400 block of Sylvester Road;

— Domestic disturbance (unfounded) on the 2900 block of Moultrie Road;

— Theft of a $300 cellphone on the 4100 block of Fleming Road;

— Two vehicle crashes into deer on James Cross Avenue at Nandi Street;

— Hospitalization investigation on the 3300 block of Sweetbriar Road.

DOUGHERTY COUNTY EMS: Dougherty County Emergency Medical Service responded to 55 calls on Thursday, including 47 medical calls, seven trauma calls and one assist. Medical and trauma calls included, but were not limited to, five chest pain calls, four respiratory calls, two cardiac arrests, 15 various medical calls and five falls.

LEE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE: The Lee County Sheriff’s Office responded to at least 35 calls Wednesday. Deputies responded to incidents including:

— Three drug investigations on the 100 block of Pinewood Road with warrant entries;

— Animal calls on the 100 block of Lazy Acres Way;

— Vehicle crashes on the 1300 block of Lover’s Lane Road, the 1100 block of Smithville Road and two crashes on the 2800 block of Ledo Road;

— Indecent exposure on the 1200 block of U.S. Highway 19;

— Theft on the 300 block of Flowing Well Road;

— Fraud on the 100 block of Pineview Drive;

— Domestic disturbance on the 1700 block of Philema Road;

— Vandalism on the 200 block of Cedric Street;

— Welfare check on woman slumped over in a car on the 600 block of Forrester Parkway.

ALBANY FIRE DEPARTMENT: The Albany Fire Department responded to 12 incidents Thursday, including a structure fire, a controlled burn, an unauthorized burn, a station tour, four EMS assists, installation of a smoke detector, a false alarm, a woods fire and a trash fire.