Sculpture damaged in last days of exhibit at RiverQuarium

ALBANY, Ga. -- Damage to a displayed sculpture was probably a case of accidental carelessness Wednesday, rather than vandalism, a Flint RiverQuarium official said.

According to an Albany Police Department report, a $500 sculpture titled "Adrift" by Albany's Scott Marini was damaged after 7 p.m. while on display in the RiverQuarium's second-floor area.

The damage came the night before the 2012 Southwest Georgia Regional Art Show sponsored by the Albany Arts Council closed.

The report added that an employee "heard a loud boom" from above the first floor. When she climbed the stairs to look, she found the damaged sculpture of a concrete rowboat with oars. She talked with a man at the scene who denied he had knocked the sculpture over and left without leaving his name.

Marini said he could probably repair the damage to his sculpture. He said he believes it was an accident rather than intentional vandalism.


Sister_Ruby 3 years, 5 months ago

A perfect example of how nobody will take responsibility for their own actions. "Not my fault" "Not my problem" "Not resonsible for myself and my actions" "Make others pay for my screw ups, bad decisions, irresponsibility, and choices"

Welcome to the USA, 2012!!


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