Fear isn't needed to instill peace

I realize the importance of maintaining peace, safety and stability in today's world, but was the front page photo and heading really necessary in Friday's edition?

Must we instill constant fear to maintain peace? Sorry -- I just don't get it! Maybe I am naive, but to see three heavily armed members of law enforcement aiming weapons in my face and the "Whatcha gonna do when they come for you" header seems a bit over the top, especially for a child.

In light of the success rate of law enforcement officers who have benefited from the Crisis Intervention Team Training offered throughout the country by N.A.M.I. (The National Alliance on Mental Illness) over the past several years, this program seems a bit contradictory.

Often, situations such as those mentioned in the article and recent school shootings might have been avoided had parents, teachers or professionals been equipped to recognize and identify a possible "hot potato" issue or an individual on the edge, rather than denying a problem or failing to address issues before they reach the breaking point where deadly armed intervention becomes necessary, or the norm.

Rather than resorting to tactics mentioned in this article, officers throughout the country who have received C.I.T. training attest to its value and the many benefits derived in learning how to peacefully diffuse what could be a tragedy.

Our local N.A.M.I. affiliate, with full assistance from the GBI, offers this course whenever and wherever requested, so I would urge local law enforcement to check it out!