Testing needed for assistance recipients

Why require testing of those in public assistance housing programs? Simply put, the presence of drugs, alcohol and tobacco in their systems indicates sources of income they have not documented on their applications.

None of this stuff is supposedly allowed to be purchased with the funds made available to them, whether those funds are rent assistance or state cards. They should be required to demonstrate where the funding comes from. If it is the standard answer "from my momma," then this should be subtracted from their benefits.

This is to include the so-called loan of a vehicle. Then there is the live-in friend. This should not be allowed in public housing. If there is a live-in friend, then the assistance should be adjusted by the amount that friend would pay in rent on the open market. Plus, just because the grandmother qualifies for public housing doesn't mean a son, daughter or grandchildren should be allowed to live with them unless there is a proven caregiver nature to the association.

It is time to hold the people monitoring these programs to a higher degree of diligence, especially questioning the vehicles parked in and around these public housing projects with the $4,000 rims and $2,000 tires.