Redbone candidate is pushing reforms

It's that time again -- voting season. You can feel it in the air. Warm, sunny days giving way to political yard signs springing up like bahia grass. This season seems identical, except for the flurry of sudden (and surprising) paving of some dirt roads. Specifically, Flowing Well Road. Old political promises now being made good. We're glad. It's about time! What spurred the sudden interest by local politicians? Voting season no doubt. There is competition in Redbone. If nothing but paved roads comes about from the competition, we would consider that a victory.

But we've had other recent victories. Lee County citizens objected to garbage collection fees being added to property tax bills. No response from the county until the petition. Greg Frich identified the provision in the Georgia State Constitution for recalling such ordinances. He presented it to concerned citizens and they got busy re-taking control of their government. The ordinance that would have punished the innocent, without solving the problem is repealed. The bleeding stopped. The patient is recovering. Another victory!

That's not all. Greg Frich is the candidate running for Redbone commissioner. He's talking about other reforms as well. Measures promoting small businesses within our community, forums whereby local government is made accountable and transparent with the tax revenues earned by honest, hardworking citizens of Lee County. Measures fostering closer, more productive relationships between the departments and commissioners within our local government. Measure actively and regularly ensuring involvement and communication between the Redbone commissioner and his boss ... the people of Redbone. We will not be lulled into complacency by tokens of citizen support during the election cycle. Let's vote for a principled commissioner who takes responsibilities for the office with humility and sobriety. Let's vote for Greg Frich for the people's commissioner of Redbone.